21 Peel-And-Stick Wall Murals You Will Want In Your Home

One of the most dynamic ways to change a space instantly is to add an easy-to-install peel-and-stick wallpaper mural. Murals come in all varieties, from opulent fabric and paper options to durable (and washable) vinyl. They work well in any space that needs more interest and detail on blank walls, often eliminating the need for choosing smaller and sometimes more costly artwork. They are also great for adding a focal point in a room and manipulating the eye to make the room feel more or less spacious. According to Melanie Jade Designs, wallpaper and murals are one of the hottest new design trends, particularly for drawing together the color palette of a room.

Because they come in so many varieties, it's easy to find something just right for your style and décor. Popular designs include panoramic vistas, classic paintings, geometric patterns and bold, oversized florals. The peel-and-stick application means they are easy to install, great for rental spaces, and simple to swap out whenever you want. We've rounded up a few great murals at various price points that will be perfect for adding a wow factor to any space in your home, whatever your décor style and aesthetics.

1. Black and white classic

Right now, a popular element in design is detailed black and white landscapes and botanicals like this luxe Angus English country-side design from Wallpaper Mural ($35 per square meter). This mural comes in peel-and-stick and traditional varieties on premium paper, adding beautiful texture to any space. 

2. Dark and dramatic florals

Bold and large florals are perfect for outfitting the walls of more maximalist spaces or adding a punch of color and drama to more minimal ones. This vinyl Europeana Still Floral Wall Mural from Eazywallz ($7.50 per square foot) is an instant game-changer, reflecting the beauty and glamour of a classic oil painting.

3. Landscape painting

This beautiful matte-finish woven polyester peel-and-stick Oil Painting Landscape from Etsy (from $300) is a perfect fit for any space, particularly as a compliment to neutral rooms in shades of brown and gray. 

4. Watercolor floral

If you are looking for a softer, more abstract look, this pastel watercolor Line Art Large Flowers mural from CostaCover (from $110) is a perfect fit. The mural comes in either peel-and-stick vinyl or fabric and works beautifully in boho-style and pastel-driven rooms. 

5. Van Gogh blossoms

For a touch of classic art, go for this stunning mural featuring Van Gogh's famous "Almond Blossoms" painting from Wallmur ($44 per square meter.) Flush with rich color that resembles the original painting, the paper also comes in more traditional glue-application textured varieties.

6. Faux bois

This Into the Woods design from Giffywalls ($3.40 per square foot) is great for fooling the eye with the texture and definition of real wood planking from afar. This is a great option for renters who want to add more interest to their bare walls.

7. Floral decals

Vinyl appliques are a quick and easy way to bring the effect of a mural to any wall, particularly if you are looking to add some interest to a colored wall you'd like to show through. These lovely floral appliques from Amazon ($17) are very budget-friendly in durable and easy-to-install vinyl.

8. Pine forest

With its photo-perfect beauty, this textured vinyl Pinetop Wallpaper courtesy of Wall Blush (from $15 per roll) brings the outdoors in gorgeous shades of green and gray. 

9. Botanical beauty

For a lighter botanical touch, try these Fern and Eucalyptus decals from West Elm ($299) that add a touch of greenery to even the barest space. 

10. Jungle fun

This fun, colorful Dreaker Jungle Animal Mural from Wallpaper Mural ($35 per square meter) is great for a nursery or kids' playroom and is available in both peel-and-stick and traditional glue varieties on premium paper.

11. Metallic chinoiserie

One of the hottest wallpaper trends is chinoiserie-inspired designs lush with intricate flora and fauna. This green, metallic Garden Peel and Stick Mural by Tempaper & Co. (from $15 per square foot) is a stunning way to bring a bit of nature and glam to your walls. 

12. Rustic brick

For adding endless texture and a rustic feel to your room, this Old Cement Brick Wall design from Walmart (from $59) is budget-friendly and a great fake for an exposed brick look. 

13. A touch of whimsy

If you are looking to incorporate a dash of whimsical fun, try this adorable Highland Bull vinyl mural from Target (from $300), shown here peaking over the end of a bed. 

14. Contemporary fine art

This beautiful mural by artist Underdott is available from Society6 ($420). Supporting indie artists is a great way to bring a living creator's work into your home in a big, bold way. 

15. On the map

This Painted World mural from Pottery Barn ($399) is available from the popular retailer's teen division, but anyone of any age will appreciate this smoky black watercolor design that complements any number of décor styles.

16. Abstract cityscape

This Geometric Cityscape from Overstock (from $89) is a cool variation on more photographic urban vistas, lending an artsy and modern vibe, particularly to rooms that lack an actual view.

17. Oversize blooms

One way to draw the eye immediately to a wall and create a stunning focal point is oversized florals. This photographic Not a Wall Flower mural from Rocky Mountain Decals ($504) is printed on durable fabric with latex ink in an array of deep pinks and creams.

18. Retro geometrics

Peel and stick wall murals are also available in retro geometric designs that evoke the 1960s and '70s. This Geometric Shapes variety from Wayfair (from $344) comes in vivid colors and dynamic patterning that fits perfectly in mid-century modern rooms.

19. Paris anywhere

To bring the romance of Paris to any room anywhere on the globe, try this Grayscale Paris Mural from Hovia ($4 per square foot) that immediately evokes the charm of the City of Lights wherever you install it.

20. Wacky abstracts

This Geometric Lines Mural from Decalz (from $36) is great for modern and minimalist spaces, instantly adding interest and dimension to a wall in a fun, funky design.

21. Faux marble

If you're looking for the rich texture of marble for your walls without the expense, this design from Wallsauce ($5 per square foot) is a great solution for adding the look of stone wherever you want it.