An Interior Design Expert Explains Why Farmhouse Will Never Go Out Of Style

Farmhouse style is a fun, beautiful, and quite stunning design, and it can quickly transform your home. Falling in love with the rustic charm of this style isn't hard to do. Some people struggle with some big mistakes, like cluttering up the space or choosing the wrong fabrics and patterns for their home, notes Custom Home Group. If done well, your home can make you feel cozy and full of character. It's a unique form of expression all unto itself.

Why does the farmhouse style seem to have such a following? Samantha Black, a designer and project director at Freemodel, offers insights into why the farmhouse look isn't going anywhere in an exclusive interview with House Digest. "In order to describe farmhouse style, the discussion must begin at the practical roots of the term; it is not a design style so much as a way of life." She then offers this tip: "Always opt for real and genuine pieces, as replicas of farmhouse pieces and factory-worn paint schemes are not a substitute for the passage of time — and years of use and love." With that in mind, consider why so many are pulling off the farmhouse interior design look.

Materials that are made to last

It's easy to find yourself picking up mass-produced farmhouse-like items at the local discount store, but doing so misses the mark. Instead, Black says to look to its roots to better understand it. "True farmhouse lifestyle embraces the hard-working and handcrafting that exists typically in traditional family items and heirlooms. Farmhouse will never go out of style because the materials are sincere, and the staples of solid wood, solid metals, and sturdy craftsmanship allow these pieces to live for generations."

It's not always simple to find a truly authentic quilt or a piece of furniture that's over 100 years old, though. Black offers this inspiration about craftsmanship. "This, of course, also inspires many replicas and knock-offs which mirror their country-dwelling originals in shape and concept but are made of particle board and certainly are not carved by your great grandfather. The question is, 'does quality ever go out of style?' I don't think so."

Items are well-loved, and that's an advantage

When buying any décor for a home, some may say they want pieces with "character" or "charm," which this style easily offers. Consider why that's valuable, as noted by Black. "Furniture which shows its own history can be such a blessing to your household. In most homes, our furniture and even our flooring takes heavy use via children's activities, pets, and dinner parties, and more, so our surfaces will be used, scraped, scratched, dented, loved, and stained."

For some, a brand new, polished piece of furniture is the way to go, but not everyone appreciates the mass-produced items that are perfectly made each time. Black says that farmhouse style offers something different. "The beauty of quality-made pieces is that showing history is not a sin, but more of a badge of pride. Farmhouse will never go out of style because of the celebration of ease associated with the lifestyle it promotes. Try reclaimed wood pieces, such as a dining table or even salvaged wood plank flooring. Believe it or not, pre-scratched furniture in a busy household will do wonders." It's perfect without being perfect!

It transfers you to a pastoral place

Interior design is not just about the way something looks, though, but also the feeling it creates within the space, something Black says comes through very specifically in farmhouse style. "The emotional attachment to include items in your home or a style in contradiction to the city or suburban surroundings will always have its appeal. When one is transported by entering a home into a more pastoral sense of simple perfection, the sense of ease can accompany even when you live in the hustle and bustle of the city."

When selecting items for your home, then for a country, farm-like design, Black offers a few specific tips. "Natural and more coarse elements can add softness. Try incorporating a rough sisal stair runner or worn linen drapes into your home, and if you are feeling bold, display that colorful crochet blanket with pride. Someone loved every stitch, so give it new life by accenting your décor with those vivid colors." Many people want their homes to feel comfortable in their own way. This style offers the ability to set the tone very distinctively.

It prioritizes form and function

One thing that the farmhouse interior design removes from the picture is frivolous items or ultra-luxurious pieces that don't complement life's needs. Black shares that's because this style has a very specific focus. "Farmhouse style really started with utility; it is about form and function, with function above all. For example, a barn door is a simple and easy-to-include element of function to add to your home. A barn door can hide a pantry or closet, and it is a simple-to-install, visually clean element that gives you an easy way to bring utility to your space."

Be intentional with your selections, though. "However, do avoid barn doors for bathrooms, as they do not offer the privacy inherent with the space as generally, the sides do not seal as with standard bathroom doors." Adding items to your home that add function and not just a look doesn't have to be hard to do, whether you are using pieces to decorate the walls or turning a wooden slab from a barn into a table. Find a function for each item added to make this style come to life authentically.

It invokes nostalgia

Many people have memories of going to their grandparent's rustic homes or watching movies about farm life, which often seems simpler and easier than life today. Sometimes, interior design can help to make those positive feelings more present within today's home. Black shares, "When objects have a purpose, even a far-gone one, the appeal can still remain. Nostalgia is another vital element of farmhouse style that can allow your furniture and décor selections to remain almost timeless. Especially if you did not grow up in the urban environment you find yourself in, these little bits of home or your roots can create a warmth of spirit and preserve memories for you."

To make sure you create the right feeling of nostalgia in your home, Black shares a few tips. "Try including an antique piece prized by your grandparents, or fill that dining room hutch with actual China that belonged to your family. Small tokens of your roots can help preserve those family stories and memories." If you don't have items like this at home, consider a trip to a thrift store to find just what you need to make it feel like home.