The Biggest Mistake To Avoid When Measuring Windows For Blinds And Shades

Window treatments are a great way to embellish a room. Whether you're renovating the entire house and getting new construction windows or need a unique aesthetic, many details are involved, like the type of treatment you need and the accompanying accessories. Choosing the right style is an integral part of the process, but so is getting the correct measurements because the best blinds or shades won't be useful if they don't fit your windows flawlessly.

Having the proper measurements ensures that the window treatments fit well visually but also work effectively at providing insulation, blocking out the light, and maintaining your home's privacy. This is especially relevant in houses with windows in unconventional sizes or built to meet specific unique needs. Another reason to get accurate measurements is when the new blinds or shades need to be custom-made, which is the better choice because you won't have to worry about the fit and getting alterations done, per Boo & Maddie. This is the biggest mistake to avoid when measuring windows for blinds and shades.

Some common mistakes

When measuring your windows, not having clear notes is a common mistake. The main dimensions you need to take are height, width, and sometimes depth. Another blunder to avoid is skipping measuring a window or using one measurement for all windows because they look similar. There might be a difference you can't see, so it's better to be on the safe side and check them all. Even if they look alike to you, any differences will be more pronounced when there are blinds, explains Sylvan's & Philip's Drapes & Blinds

When sending your recordings, confirm that the units of measurement you're using and the ones you're ordering are the same. This way, you won't get mixed up with inches, centimeters, and millimeters. Using a flexible measuring tape is another easy mistake to make. A more fixed type of tape, like steel, will be more accurate when measuring a window, says Sylvan's & Philip's Drapes & Blinds.

The biggest mistake

When determining the size of your windows, you're likely to end up with the wrong dimensions if you take the measurements only once. Cross-checking is important, especially when you need to put orders to ensure that every aspect of the process is in order and doesn't take longer than expected. Measure the windows multiple times and even the old blinds, so there are no surprises with the new ones.

In addition to measuring more than once, you should also measure a window in various places. Sylvan's & Philip's Drapes & Blinds recommends measuring in three areas to get a more accurate view. This way, you can use the largest and smallest measurements, and the blinds will cover the window fully, vertically, and horizontally. Calling a professional to take the measurements is probably the most foolproof way to guarantee that the windows have been measured right for the new blinds and shades.