Best Flower And Vase Combos For Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and what better way to prepare your home for the freshest season of the year than by putting together a few flower arrangements? As adorable flower buds pop up and bloom in your garden, their alluring scents don't just belong outside but also in your kitchen, bedroom, and living area. However, if fresh flowers are out of reach, faux options can work, too! It's all about choosing the right flowers and vases to create a design perfect for the upcoming season. 

Daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and lilacs are some of the beautiful flowers that best represent the cheeriness of spring. However, we can accentuate their features by combining these flowers with stunning vases. Fortunately, there are a variety of vases available made of different materials, such as glass, concrete, clay, and marble. So, one or more of the options we've collected are sure to correspond with the design aesthetic of your home. 

1. Pink tulips, white vase

The vibe of this bathroom instantly feels fresh with the addition of a white ceramic vase and pink tulips with leafy stems. It also pairs nicely with a marble tray and a magenta candle. 

2. A farmhouse moment

This white daffodil and baby blue pitcher combination are perfect for a farmhouse kitchen or bedroom. We especially adore the touches of brunnera, which perfectly ties the whole ensemble together.

3. A perfectly pink combo

Opt for one color when incorporating pink roses, peonies, and hyacinths. The variety of textures introduced from each flower keeps the bouquet looking attractive, and the green stems and leaves create darker contrast, while the white baby's breath brightens the overall design. 

4. Teacup vase

Creating something unique and beautiful doesn't always have to be a stressful endeavor. In this example, they've placed a few lilacs in a textured tea cup to create a retro yet alluring design. We could envision this on a window sill or the kitchen table.

5. Painted vase

The look of a painted vase will add an artistic touch to any space. Here, the combination of violet pansies and a green and white vase creates a complementary and harmonious design.

6. A burst of fresh colors

A glass vase is perfect for sitting in the background while your colorful bouquet shines. They've combined pansies, forget-me-nots, primrose, bird cherry, muscari, and violets in shades of blue, purple, and yellow to create a fresh burst of spring hues.

7. Tall pedestal vase

If you'd like your purple and white irises and hyacinths to stand out, we suggest bundling them together in a tall pedestal vase. The added height and full foliage create a stunning centerpiece for any space.

8. Standing bouquet

Ditch the vase and tie your daffodils together to create a standing bouquet. As showcased, the yellow flowers are on top of a woven pad, which corresponds nicely with the braided string.

9. Endless color options

The one thing we enjoy about tulips is their wide variety of colors. They're easy to combine and create a color scheme complementary to your home décor. Here, they've added a few daffodils and irises to add more texture, and the faded blue vase creates more interest with its pattern.

10. Interesting symmetry

Lupine flowers can be used to create an attractive symmetrical or asymmetrical design. In this example, they've created a strong base with irises and other spring flowers and branched out the curvy lupines to make the design more unique.

11. Something simple

A single branch of a snapdragon is all you need to create a sophisticated design. Here, the white flower is accompanied by a textured, off-white vase, creating a simple yet impactful style.

12. Head vases

These bulbous, white peonies perfectly fill the top of this popular ceramic head vase. This style has been advertised across social media for the past year, and we believe it's still an impactful design perfect for spring.

13. Mason jar

An easy DIY will get you this charming look! This is simply a mason jar with a lace material wrapped around it. Although this tactic is pretty effortless, the results are adorable and perfect for a bundle of spring flowers.

14. Dried flowers

Although dried flowers aren't as fresh, they can still provide a lovely touch of color, especially when inserted into a contrasting white vase.

15. Orange gerberas

Introducing orange gerberas into a room is like adding a touch of sunshine; they're bright, full, and cheerful. We especially enjoy how they look in the fluted vase shown here, which adds a touch of playfulness. 

16. Minimalist vibes

A colorful flower bouquet may be out of character for a minimalist household, even during spring. Instead, we suggest incorporating faux, dried bunny tails or other similar plants to introduce texture.

17. Perfect for contemporary homes

The combination of eucalyptus branches and a dark green glass vase is perfect for contemporary homes. It's a moody, chic, and beautiful design for spring in a home that thrives on muted colors and simple textures.

18. Tall beauties

Ornamental onions are beautiful flowers that can add not only a pop of color to a space but also height. If all your décor is about the same size, it will lack visual appeal. But with the addition of tall flowers, the asymmetrical balance will create interest.

19. Pretty in pink

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers, and this pink and white combo is full of life. Here, they used a pink glass vase, complementing the flowers and further accentuating their frills and hues.

20. Can't go wrong with daisies

If creating a bouquet seems complicated, you can never go wrong with white daisies. Their texture and bright yellow flower head will instantly introduce the feeling of spring into your home. We especially enjoy the textured ceramic vase they chose, which emphasizes the brightness of the daisies.