The Unexpected Liquid You Can Use To Water Gardenias

If you are thinking of adding a new plant that looks just as good as it smells, gardenias are an excellent choice. Although gardenias are generally easy to grow and care for, they require a little attention. Before going ahead and committing to growing this plant indoors, you need to be aware that it needs consistent watering, preferably 1 inch of water per week, per Purdue University. While water is usually enough for this plant to thrive, what if there is an alternative liquid that promises better health for your gardenias? 

Other than water, the additional liquid that can be used to irrigate your gardenia plants is soda. Yes, you read it right! Although quite unconventional, you will be surprised to find that soda can benefit plant growth. That said, just how valuable is soda for these plants? Is every type of soda ideal for watering your gardenias? Take a look at this quick guide about the effects of soda on plants.

What happens when you irrigate with soda

The trick to the effectiveness of soda in the growth of gardenias is the slight acidity in the composition. The ideal PH for your gardenia plants should be between 5.0 to 6.5, according to the University of Florida Gardening Solutions. Choosing to irrigate your gardenias with soda goes a long way in improving the soil's acidity, ultimately enhancing the growth and health of your plants. Although this hack works like magic, you should be careful not to over-irrigate with soda. 

Farm Flavor mentions that you only need a little to help your plant bloom well, irrigating once at the beginning of the season and maybe one more time before blooming. The other reason gardenias love soda is due to the mineral composition of this fizzy drink, which includes carbon, sodium, hydrogen, and oxygen, to mention a few. Although plants can get these minerals from the soil, watering with a liquid infused with them makes it easy for the plant to absorb them.

The right type of soda for use

Although soda has proven beneficial to gardenias, it is worth mentioning that not every type of soda is ideal for irrigating any plant, including gardenias. Sodas or carbonated drinks that contain sugars should not be used to irrigate plants. Sciencing notes that any sugar-concentrated fluid will compromise the osmosis process in the soil, and this, in turn, inhibits the plant roots from absorbing water and other nutrients. With that in mind, it is not a good idea to irritate your gardenia plants with regular Coca-Cola. 

Keep in mind that Coca-Cola contains about 39 grams of sugar in the standard 12-ounce can, via The Coca-Cola Company. This is too much sugar that could easily kill any plant. Instead, consider going for club soda or carbonated drinks with no sugar as an ingredient. Although water is ideal for watering plants, using club soda or carbonated water will not hurt your gardenia plants; such liquids may result in healthier plants.