The Best Place In Your Home To Install A Fireplace

Determining which room to install a fireplace comes down to a few factors, beginning with how much time you spend in each space. You'll also want to consider the design and feeling you wish to create, as a fireplace will add a certain degree of coziness which may not be an ideal fit for every room in the home. Additionally, think about the type you want; wood-burning models will need to be supplied with wood and require more maintenance, so they should be in an area that's easy to access, while electric and gas types tend to be easy to use and maintain. Finally, price should also be factored in, as installation may cost more in uncommon areas, and putting in a gas fireplace can become expensive quickly due to the cost of materials and installation.

Although a fireplace can be installed anywhere in the home, the most common placement tends to be in a relaxed family room or formal living room. Other not-so-common options include bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways, home offices, kitchens, or dining rooms. However, one room in the home is often preferable to the rest in terms of practicality and return on investment. 

The best place

After considering the above factors, you've probably determined that the family room is the best location for your new fireplace, and we would agree. While the living room is another excellent option, this space is often more formal and less used. Additionally, installing it in a central living space will allow your guests to enjoy it, as they're not as likely to spend time in your bedroom or home office. Another benefit of deploying a fireplace here is that it will provide a clear focal point around which all the furniture can be oriented. And depending upon what material you choose, this element can genuinely elevate your family room's design.

For instance, those who desire a rustic, natural appeal may opt for a fireplace made of brick or stone, while those who want a modern look can go with marble or tile. Further, Redfin's data from the winter of 2022 shows that a fireplace remains one of the most popular home features, and homes with one tend to sell for about what they're listed at (97.6% sale-to-list ratio). So if you're planning on listing your house, installing a fireplace in a high-traffic area like the family room may be a wise idea. 

Other great options

While a fireplace in the family room makes sense for most people, it's not ideal for everyone. Perhaps you don't spend much time in this space or want to add a luxurious feel to another area of the house. If so, two other, more unexpected rooms may work better for you. The first is in the primary bedroom, which would be best for those who spend a lot of time relaxing in bed. The second option is the bathroom, which provides a home with a luxurious, spa-like feel. If you decided upon this location, you'd never have to feel cold when getting out of the shower again.

However, these two locations aren't even close to being as popular as the family room, so they wouldn't be the ideal option for those looking to sell their house. On the other hand, if you plan on living in your home for the long haul and a unique fireplace installation appeals to you, these two locations maximize the cozy appeal that makes fireplaces a popular fixture in modern homes.