5 Things You Need To Create The Perfect Spa-Like Bathroom

When it comes to quick, luxurious getaways, nothing beats a trip to your favorite spa. From its tranquil aesthetics to pampering amenities, a lavish spa is a destination to be revived and indulged. If you feel absolutely incredible after returning from the occasional spa trip, there's likely a good reason for this. According to Mountainside Spa, a successful spa getaway can make one happy and relaxed while lowering stress and blood pressure. As such, many homeowners consider the spa their perfect escape from the stressors of home and work.

While most homeowners probably aren't able to employ a top-rate masseuse or high-tech sauna in their homes, there are plenty of ways to imbue the average bathroom with a spa-like vibe. From using a tranquil color scheme to implementing affordable luxury-minded technology, your bathroom upgrades don't have to break the bank. Of course, if you want your upgraded bathroom to compete with your favorite spa, luxurious upgrades to your bath or shower are always an enticing option.

1. A tranquil color scheme

One way spas can relax the mind and body is by employing a tranquil color scheme that sets us at ease. If your bathroom is painted tangerine-orange or has a bland tone that doesn't tantalize the senses, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Blue tones have long been known to elicit tranquil feelings from within and offer both light and dark shades that are perfect for spa-like bathroom redesigns. If blue isn't your thing, think about your favorite spas and the color schemes they employ. For those seeking a bold and unique look, some find that wallpaper and bathrooms are a match made in heaven, per Muse.

Once you've selected the dominant color of your bathroom, it'll probably be necessary to invest in a new shower curtain, bath mat, and towels. Finding a complementary color that gels well with your walls shouldn't be hard and is imperative. Even small details of your bathroom can throw off the overall effect, so investing time and money into the smaller aspects of your redesigned bathroom is always a good idea.

2. A touch of luxury

What defines the quintessential spa experience like that touch of luxury you can't find anywhere else? While it's probably impossible to match your favorite spa in terms of luxury, there are still many ways that you can add luxurious touches to your space. The most significant of which is investing in a next-level bathtub. Copper tubs are tailor-made for luxury bathrooms thanks to their antimicrobial properties and excellent heat retention. Per Diamond Spas, they also stand out for their unique patina or changing surface sheen resulting from age. Of course, those who deal with aches and pains can benefit from a jetted whirlpool bathtub for a targeted massage whenever they're in the mood.

That being said, putting in a new bathtub can be very expensive–especially when seeking a luxury model. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to add luxury charisma to your bathroom while on a budget. For instance, mirrors and unique lighting fixtures can give your bathroom an instant upgrade in mood and ambiance, per Illume Property Partners. Imagine soaking in the tub while the light from your dimmed bathroom wall sconce plays off the gold-framed mirror in the corner of the room. Add your favorite soothing playlist and a delectable bath bomb, and you'll never want to leave your bubble bath.

3. A tasteful dash of tech

Technology should never be a focal point of any spa-like atmosphere, and the same principle applies to your bathroom. However, when used tastefully, some well-implemented technology touches can help take your bathroom time to the next level. For instance, waterproof Bluetooth speakers are more affordable than ever and are a convenient way to enjoy your favorite Spotify spa playlist while benefiting from a relaxing soak. Essential oil diffusers are also safe to use in the bathroom, per Modern Bathroom, and they are a more affordable and secure option than candles when enjoying some invigorating aromatherapy.

Other bathroom tech might cost a little more, but it will be totally worth it for many homeowners. For instance, a shower panel system can upgrade your daily shower with LED lighting, a digital display, and soothing massage jets to complement its waterfall shower head. Also, look no further than a simple electric towel warmer for a slight touch that can make a difference. These devices can make getting out of the shower just as enticing as the prospect of the shower itself for those who prefer to dry themselves off in luxury.

4. A stocked and organized linen closet

Every bathroom should feature space where you can keep your towels, washcloths, bath robes, and other essentials. At least, that's what a majority of U.S. homeowners believe, according to the National Association of Home Builders. However, it's impossible for many people to feel entirely at ease in their bathroom if the linen closet is in a state of organizational disarray. For this reason, ensuring your linen closet remains stocked and tidy is of the utmost importance.

When organizing your bathroom linen closet, it's a good idea to set non-bathroom items aside and (if possible) out of sight. So, pet food and supplies can go into their storage organizer, as can tablecloths, runners, and other kitchen items. You'll also want to separate cleaning products into a closed bin if you store them in your bathroom, especially if you have children who like getting into everything. Once you've finished organizing, you'll want to purchase anything you lack. Naturally, you should have plenty of soft and absorbent bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and specialized bath products to suit your unique bathing routine.

5. A few finishing touches

After taking care of the essentials, it's time to gather some final accessories that will help you enhance your relaxation while not taking away from your bathroom's newfound spa-like appeal. Of course, any finishing touches for your bathroom should be chosen with your unique lifestyle in mind. For instance, if you're an avid reader, purchasing a bamboo book holder for your tub will allow you to enjoy a decadent soak with your favorite book without ruining its delicate pages. Bamboo sports excellent moisture and mold resistance, per The Cabinet Market, not to mention an alluring style that goes great with a wide range of bathroom décor.

Another small and criminally-underutilized addition for an unforgettable bathroom is your favorite water-tolerant plants. According to Palmers, quite a few plants thrive in a hot and humid bathroom, including options that naturally remove unpleasant odors in the air and require minimal sunlight. Remember, plants are adept at putting many people at ease; some can even be hung in your shower for a fragrant and refreshing experience. Lastly, if you suffer from aches and soreness and avoid taking baths, don't underestimate the difference a well-cushioned bath pillow can make!