15 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Leftover Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper

After you're done covering a wall with peel-and-stick wallpaper, you'll most likely have some leftovers lying around. These scraps could range from a tiny strip to a full extra roll. You don't want to just throw them away, especially if you have a lot of extra material. But what could you do with the leftover pieces?

We're glad you asked. There are countless ways to spruce up various areas of your home with wallpaper, no matter how small the leftover scraps are. These ideas will get your creativity flowing and allow you to reuse materials that would otherwise have gone to waste. Another benefit? For most of these projects, the only steps are to measure the space, cut the material, peel the backing, and stick the piece onto the surface. For your convenience, the following 15 ideas have been arranged from the easiest, which will only require a small scrap, to the largest and most difficult projects.

1. Personalize light switch plates

Those with the tiniest amount of leftover scraps could cover a light switch plate. This project could either be used to camouflage the outlet into a wallpapered wall, like in the image above, or it could be used to add interest against a blank wall.

2. Decorate plant pots

Another idea that doesn't require much material is to use it to cover plastic grow pots. It's a great way to add patterns and interest to your houseplants without having to purchase expensive pottery.

3. Line a tray

Decorative trays are often used on coffee tables, but they could be displayed anywhere in the home to corral loose items. To spruce up a tray, cut out a piece from your scraps and use it to line the inside. 

4. Upgrade a lampshade

There are two ways to add wallpaper to a lampshade. Covering the outside will turn the lamp into a statement piece, while covering the inside will make the lamp cast a colorful glow when the light is turned on. 

5. Upgrade an old table

If you have a console table that's scratched up and worn out, you could upgrade it for a new look. To begin, sand it down and paint it a color that matches your wallpaper pattern, then adhere the material onto the top of the furniture piece. 

6. Line the inside of drawers

Peel-and-stick wallpaper makes the perfect alternative to drawer liners. It will protect the bottom of your drawers while adding a fun element to your furniture.

7. Cover the back of a bookshelf

If you'd rather the pattern be more on display, you could install it behind the shelves on a bookcase. Once this bookcase is filled with books and other items, the dark floral design will become a subtle backdrop. 

8. Adorn dresser drawer exteriors

An alternative to placing wallpaper inside drawers is to adhere it to the outside. The above example demonstrates how this project can add subtle texture without having to make a huge statement.

9. Frame wallpaper scraps as artwork

While this project could be completed with any size scraps, oftentimes, the bigger, the better. Simply peel and stick the wallpaper to the backing insert and place it inside the frame. 

10. Cut out an arch

Instead of covering an entire wall in wallpaper, you could cut out arches and other shapes to make a wall mural. This is a renter-friendly alternative to creating this look with paint, as it will easily peel right off when it's time to move.

11. Cover an old refrigerator

Some refrigerators have seen better days, but buying a new one can get expensive. To jazz up an old fridge, cover it in your leftover scraps of peel-and-stick wallpaper. 

12. Spruce up a kitchen island

While wallpaper isn't the most common addition to a kitchen, that doesn't mean it can't work in small doses. Placing it underneath your kitchen island will introduce pattern to your space. 

13. Stick onto a door

While this door may look like it's made out of golden hued wood, it's actually covered in a faux wood wallpaper. Any door could be covered in any pattern to rejuvenate a space. 

14. Redo a backsplash

Another way to add wallpaper to the kitchen (or the bathroom) is by placing it over a backsplash. This will require quite a bit of material, so make sure you have enough before you begin or stick to one small area to create an accent piece with smaller bits of leftovers.

15. Dress up staircase risers

Another project that will require lots of material is covering your staircase risers. You could either use all one pattern or, if you have scraps from multiple projects, many different looks would create an eclectic appearance.