20 Ideas For How To Treat Your Dining Room Ceiling

Because dining rooms often go unused, many have been transforming this room into something else, such as a relaxed lounging area, library, gym, home office, or even a children's playroom. However, even if you only use your dining room a few times a year, having a designated space in your home for formal dining or sharing a casual meal with your favorite people is a nice touch.

If you want to impress your company during your next dinner party, include an exciting element on the ceiling. When doing this, you have plenty of options. For instance, you can add something that makes the space more functional, such as a light fixture, or an element that simply adds to the room's aesthetics, like bold paint. Further, the design can be eye-catching or more subtle, depending on your style and preferences. Many of the below options emphasize the center of the ceiling, which draws attention to the dining table, while other looks cover the entire surface.

1. A central light fixture

Perhaps the most common choice, adding a single light fixture to the center of the ceiling, will add more light above your dining table. This option will be a functional addition to any table shape, whether round, square, or rectangular. 

2. A pair of light fixtures

Those with a long, rectangular dining table may desire more lighting, in which case they can install two matching fixtures next to one another that complement the room's existing decor.

3. Three or more light fixtures

Consider adding three or more matching light fixtures for a unique look and even more lighting. Those with a long, rectangular table can align these in a straight row, while those with a smaller or round table could place them close to one another. 

4. An artistic light piece

The final lighting choice you may employ is an artistic light fixture such as the modern but whimsical piece above. This would add both functionality and aesthetics to your dining room. 

5. Hanging plants

Consider hanging potted plants from your dining room ceiling for a natural, purifying touch. However, you may not want to place them right above your table, as they may shed or drop dirt onto your food. 

6. Wooden beams

Cover your dining room ceiling with wooden beams to create a warm, rustic allure. This is an excellent choice for open floor plans, as the wood detail will connect the spaces. 

7. A coffered look

For an extra formal look, consider creating a coffered ceiling, which is another great way to connect spaces in an open floor plan. 

8. A reflective surface

Looking for a unique option that will make the room seem larger? Add a reflective surface — especially in a dark tone — to your dining room's ceiling.

9. Full skylights

Another way to make your dining room's ceiling appear further away is by adding skylights above your table. This will also bring scenic vibes into your space and add plenty of natural light during the day.

10. Wooden paneling

Wood paneling will provide a similar look to wooden beams but will cover the entire surface of the ceiling. This can make the space feel warmer and provide a rustic, cabin-like atmosphere. 

11. A dark paint shade

Dark shades like black or gray can make a dining room feel cozier and smaller, which is ideal for those who host intimate parties with family and friends. On the other hand, dark paint can also create a moody space that makes a statement. 

12. A bold paint shade

Another paint choice you could decide upon is a bold shade, either isolated inside a tray ceiling or covering the entire surface. To create cohesion, you could match the color of the walls with the ceiling. 

13. Contrasting colors

If your dining room is large or part of an open floor plan, you can differentiate various spaces by using contrasting colors, such as black over the table and white everywhere else. 

14. Salvaged wood

To make your space feel extra rustic, cover the ceiling with salvaged wood planks. Including both paneling and beams will add more texture while still creating a cohesive look. 

15. A curved ceiling

If you have a round dining table, adding a curved element to the ceiling — such as the unique dome shape above the chandelier in the image above — will pair perfectly with your furniture. 

16. Metal tiles

Install metal tiles onto the ceiling's surface for a really bold look. You can opt for silver, gold, or copper to create a stunning backdrop for formal dinner parties.

17. Emphasizing the lighting

This ceiling mixes various elements to emphasize the chandelier above the table. It includes a unique tray design that features several different warm paint tones. 

18. Exposed beams and vents

For an industrial and less formal look, consider an exposed ceiling. To make the room feel cohesive, you may paint the exposed beams and vents the same color as the walls. 

19. Wallpaper

Wallpaper can elevate a dining room, either in a solid color or a pattern, as it will add texture and interest to the ceiling. As demonstrated in the above image, choosing a wallpaper with a bold color can spice up a black-and-white room. 

20. Ceiling curtains

No matter what size your windows are, choosing to hang your curtains along the edge of the ceiling will draw the eye upwards and make your dining room feel larger.