How A Squeaky Door Can Hurt Your Home's Feng Shui

You've undoubtedly heard about the design and spiritual philosophy of feng shui. It was born out of Taoism in ancient China, and has managed to remain a prevalent set of principles since then. In the last century or so, it made its way to the western world and became popular amongst Americans. Feng shui is partially an art of placement and creating a home with good flow or energy, also known as qi (pronounced chi). But it's also about creating a harmonious balance between your surroundings and your internal self. 

Beyond having houseplants, natural light, and putting your sofa just so, feng shui stresses the importance of having a home that's in proper, working order — completely. With this said, one of the small tasks that's at the bottom of your to-do list may not strike you as particularly impactful, but it can make a huge difference with regard to your energy and the mood around your home. Yes, that squeaky door has had its say, and it's time to fix it for the sake of your home's feng shui.

Why squeaky doors impact qi

The first time you heard that high-pitched squeal or rusty groan from your door, your shoulders probably tensed up and you thought to yourself, "I'll fix that later." Now, you may not even notice it when you rush out for work or get home from a busy day. But that doesn't mean it no longer impacts you on a visceral or subconscious level. These disruptions will also harm your qi, which is why a squeaky door is at odds with feng shui.

Each time you open and close a door that pipes up, it's a consistent reminder that things in your home aren't functioning properly. Quite literally, a part of your home is working against itself, as those squeaks generally mean your hinges or door track is scraping against its own equipment. When it comes to front doors, it's especially important to fix any squeaking because it's the entry to what is meant to be your sanctuary, and the last thing you touch, see, and hear of your home when you leave it.

How to fix a squeaky door

Thankfully, that squeaky door can be fixed pretty easily with a bit of lubricant. But first, you need to identify where the actual squeak is coming from. On a standard door, it's typically the hinges that are causing that unpleasant screech thanks to metal lightly scraping against metal. But French and sliding glass doors can often make agitating noises, even if they aren't swinging open. That's typically a result of the door dragging along the track, which is what you'll want to target in your fix. 

To get rid of that pesky sound on your door, you need an oil of sorts. WD-40 is a favorite for this task and works as a bit of a miracle product throughout the house. It's basically a lubricant that prevents rust and corrosion on metal. Even if you can't see rust on your hinges or door track, the squeak is the result of un-lubricated, corroding metal, so WD-40 is just the thing to eliminate the squeak. 

If you don't have WD-40 on hand or prefer a homemade alternative, we've still got you. Vegetable oil is a cheap, non-toxic alternative that should effectively stop squeaky doors, too. Just mix some with a bit of water, and either shake it in a spray bottle, or dab it onto a rag and apply.