How To Tactfully Decorate Your Home With Crystals

Gemstones are excellent accent pieces. Some people feel that they even have the ability to heal your mind, body, and soul. While it's up for debate, we can all agree that there's an almost ethereal and mystical energy these shiny rocks emanate.

Crystal appreciators usually fall into one of two categories when it comes to polished stone décor. The first individual feels that gems are pretty to look at, while the other side can be described as borderline obsessed, and there's nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind that even if you're a crystal collector, that doesn't necessarily mean you want your house to look like the gem exhibit at your local Natural History Museum. There is a tactful way to incorporate crystals into your home's aesthetic. Because as beautiful as these shiny rocks are, it's not that fun to be blinded by thousands of twinkling tchotchkes as soon as you turn on your lights.

1. Put them in windowsills

This is a prime spot to give your crystals a better view of the world. It also exposes them to sunlight and moonlight, which is said to charge them back up to their full energetic glory.

2. Make a display box

Display boxes are simple, classy, and, most importantly, protect your gemstones from prying fingers. They're perfect for the rock collector or "look but don't touch" individual.

3. Table centerpiece

Place an assortment of evenly spaced crystals on a table runner. Try surrounding a gem-friendly candle with a few of your favorite colorful rocks, or even pile an assortment of raw and polished stones on a tray around your favorite succulent arrangement.

4. Make a coffee table

For those of you who really have an affinity for earthy treasures (and cash to burn), you can create a coffee table using a geode. Make sure the base has been cut to keep it steady. Add a flat piece of glass to protect the delicate crystals.

5. Use them as photo displays

What better way to honor the important people in your life than by displaying them with crystals? You can make your own photo holders using gemstones and 16-gauge wire. Just wrap the wire around the crystal and loop it into a spiral shape to hold your picture.

6. Drawer pulls

Using gemstones as drawer knobs not only enhances the appearance of your furniture, but also adds a nice personal touch, too. Note, though, that crystals will be much more fragile than your typical brass, copper, or wood.

7. Decorate your indoor plants

Plants need shiny objects, too. To make your plants feel a bit mystical, give them a pot studded with gemstones. Placing one or two crystals next to the base of the plant is also simple and inconspicuous.

8. Place them in your garden

Gemstones can become infused with the positive energies found in nature. Because they come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, they also add visual interest when nestled amongst the flora.

9. Display on bookshelves

Display one or two gemstones alongside your books to give them a bit of re-energizing. Geodes that have been sliced in half are heavy enough to be used as bookends.

10. Incorporate them into sun catchers

If you feel that your crystals need to be cleansed or reinvigorated, adding a few to a sun catcher is a great way to do this. The light will also amplify the uniqueness of each stone.

11. Use them in lamps

Turn a giant crystal into a lamp by having a professional drill a hole in the base and add a lightbulb. Or turn your crystal into the actual neck of a lamp for a modern yet earthy take on your typical living room light fixture.

12. Transform them into nightlights

Geode slices, crystal points, or raw and uncut gemstones add a tranquil glow when transformed into a small plug-in light. Plus, most lightbulbs stay cool, so you won't have to worry about the heat damaging your precious treasure.

13. Make them into candle holders

Tealights offer a nice, soft glow and, when paired with crystals, give the room a quiet and zen-like energy. Keep in mind that not all crystals can withstand heat and can lose their color, crack, or shatter.

14. Integrate them into coasters

When used as coasters, geode slices can be great conversation starters. Because no two are alike, they can also act like wine charms. You just need to remember to take them with you when you move from place to place.

15. Upgrade up your finials

Add a crystal to the end of your curtain rod, on top of your lamp, or even on your bedpost. Depending on the gemstone you use, your room can be transformed into something magical yet earthy or regal and sensual.

16. Energize your showerhead

Shower with the power of crystals. Using a crystal-infused shower head is allegedly supposed to cleanse your chakras. While we can't say if this is true or not, we think it's safe to say that this is still a pretty spectacular showerhead.

17. Zhuzh up your wine collection

This is a great way to show off your favorite evening vintage. Of course, if it's your favorite, then chances are the bottle is empty.