31 Boho Kitchens That Nail The Eclectic Aesthetic

When you consider a bohemian and eclectic-styled room, perhaps you picture this: A woven tapestry hanging over a bed or a couch that's layered with many different throw pillows with varying colors, textures, and patterns. Maybe an antique rug adorns the floor, while the corners are filled with plants and ferns. Perhaps the walls contain shelving to display trinkets or an organic-looking gallery wall. If so, you're on the right track.

When most consider this look, bedrooms and living rooms often come to mind first, as boho and eclectic spaces often have a lot of texture and textiles. Most do not consider how this could be added to the kitchen since many homeowners want this room to appear clean and minimalist. However, even if this is the case for you, you can still embrace these styles — or you could take a more maximalist approach. Because the boho style is all about being free-spirited, and the eclectic look mixes things that don't normally go together, the options are truly endless. Pairing together these twin flame styles comes down to adding some of the elements outlined below.

1. Wooden furniture

To lean into an organic look, characteristic of the bohemian style, choose wooden furniture such as the island in the kitchen above. Adding other elements, such as the brick on the far wall or the gray cabinets, will add a mismatched appearance that brings in an eclectic vibe. 

2. Patterned wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper, even in a small section like above the window, will add texture and interest that fits right in line with the eclectic look. Pair your patterned element with wooden elements and plants. 

3. Mismatching stools

An easy way to bring in a mismatched element is with your kitchen's seating. Choose different stools, either with opposite colors or styles, and watch your space come to life. 

4. Open shelving

Open shelving is a staple of both these styles. Those who love a bohemian look often use them to add more wood or plants, while those who desire an eclectic aesthetic mismatch the decorations and dishes they display. 

5. Colorful details

Because eclecticism is all about mixing and matching, don't be afraid to add some daring colors, such as blue, red, and yellow. Pair these with natural elements like antique vases and woven baskets, and you're golden. 

6. Mixed patterns

As shown through the throw pillows on the couch above, choosing varying patterns and colors will create your desired look. Use this strategy in a kitchen by pairing it with plants or open shelving. 

7. Antique runner

Antique rugs provide the best of both worlds: While they add character and culture, they are also often woven with bright, mismatched colors. 

8. Framed artwork

Gallery walls are typically used in eclectic rooms to style many different looks in one area of the home. To bring this vibe into your kitchen, hang framed artwork along a small wall. 

9. Colorful walls

Painting your walls a colorful tone, such as blue, while keeping the rest of the space neutral will create that eclectic vibe you're going for. Make sure to add wood or organic ferns as well. 

10. Bold backsplash

This kitchen has a bold backsplash that's styled with open shelving and butcher block countertops. It also has metal elements, such as the gold faucet and light fixture, which align with both styles.

11. Patterned backsplash

Patterned backsplashes made out of tiles with different looks are always a great choice. If you think this may be too loud for your liking, choose a neutral color like gray. 

12. Warm tones

On the other hand, perhaps you want to add some warmth to your space, in which case you should choose warm-toned patterned tiles. 

13. Country look

Just because you're creating a primarily bohemian and eclectic style doesn't mean you can't add another influence to the mix. To bring in a country feel, decorate with cafe curtains and storage canisters. 

14. Bold shades

To bring in a fun vibe, these homeowners painted their island a bold tone. They also added more interest by mixing patterns and painting their stools all different colors. 

15. Wallpapered wall

Wallpaper is an easy way to add more texture to your space. You could always include a full wallpapered wall or use a pattern as your backsplash. Be a bit daring and pair it with a loud area rug or runner as well. 

16. Tinted window

Mix and match the tint on your window's panels to cast a colorful glow over your space. Further, those with large windows in their kitchen could install open shelving in front of them, which won't compromise the amount of light in your space but will add an eclectic look. 

17. Clever storage

An important element of every boho-eclectic space is usefulness and the right storage. Take a note from the above kitchen and consider hanging your pots and pans or removing the door from your cabinet to create open shelving. 

18. Mismatched colors

Pairing shades that don't normally go together, such as green and orange, provides a room with an eclectic look. To bring in the bohemian style, wooden furniture like the table and metal elements like the gold faucet and vases can also be included. 

19. Wooden decorations

Wooden decorations, such as cutting boards, serving trays, and utensils, will add an organic look. Mix in some fun colors and green plants as well. 

20. Hanging plants

If you're unsure what to add above your island and your space doesn't need more lighting, consider hanging large plants to give your space a natural element. 

21. Woven pieces

Woven pieces, such as trays or light fixtures, always add a bohemian look. As shown above, ferns, orange-tinted vases, and plants are other easy ways to incorporate this style. 

22. Bold furniture

If your space is looking too one-dimensional and boring for your tastes, include a bold piece of furniture, such as the bright green cabinet with the patterned wallpaper backing in the image above. 

23. Wall tapestry

To make your kitchen more bohemian, hang a woven tapestry on the wall. This space also has a slightly eclectic look, brought in with the colorful fresh flowers and mismatched chairs. 

24. Small space

Even small spaces can get the boho-eclectic treatment. Add open shelving, decorate with plants, and lay down a bright, patterned rug. 

25. Lush plants

Plants are a necessity in most boho spaces. If your kitchen doesn't get enough light, or if you're just not great at taking care of plants, invest in some realistic faux ones. 

26. Metal accents

Metal details, such as the copper pots hanging on the wall above, will make your kitchen feel more bohemian and unique. Hanging them haphazardly on the wall will give your space the free-spirited look you desire. 

27. Mismatched textiles

To add textiles, include a corner bench in the window and adorn it with a patterned cushion and throw pillows. If this isn't an option, hang textured towels around the space. 

28. Nature vibes

The above kitchen is clearly inspired by nature. It's filled with plants and contains lots of wooden elements. The tablecloth and cabinet curtain work to add additional texture as well. 

29. Pegboard storage

If you're working with a small space, use a pegboard to hang wooden pieces like cutting boards or textiles like towels. 

30. Modern touches

The boho-eclectic pairing works well with modern touches like black accents. To include this in your design, paint your cabinets or an accent wall a dark shade. 

31. Cabin feel

This kitchen has a cabin-like feel because the wall behind the sink is covered in wooden planks. They also mismatched their stools, included open shelving, and embraced lots of greenery.