How Pastel Paint Tones Promote Good Feng Shui In Your Bathroom

A spa-like retreat in your home will aid in relaxation even when you're rushing to get the day started. With the right color palette and materials, you can create a bathroom that calms you even on your busiest mornings. With feng shui, it's more than simply choosing the right colors and materials; it's also about balancing elements to encourage and enhance different energies in your life.

Naturally, bathrooms are high in water energy. But too much of anything can bring negative energy into your space, which will hinder your relaxation. Using colors that represent wood and earth creates balance. And to promote positive energy flow, feng shui principles suggest using pastel shades throughout the bathroom. Luckily, this aligns with many current–and, most likely, future–bathroom trends, as light and airy spaces remain among the most popular design schemes. Pastel shades are ideal for adding color to an otherwise neutral space without overwhelming the room and promoting serene energy.

They create a light and relaxing atmosphere

Pastels are created by adding white to soften the shade and add lightness and innocence to the space. Pastel shades are less stimulating than their bolder and more pure counterparts, which aid in creating a spa-like atmosphere. Where bolder colors represent more physical strength, pastels are more ethereal. If you want to create a bathroom you can relax in; you'll want to avoid pure shades and dark colors. Use soothing pastel shades to promote a serenity that gives you a tranquil space to get ready.

Pastels also make a great base, along with neutral colors. This applies to wood tones too. Light or blonde shades of wood are better at promoting feng shui. These colors pair well with pastels to create an airy color scheme. Consider paler wood tones for floors, vanity cabinets, or furniture. Beige and tan woods can act as the neutral needed to balance the pastels. Pair with light-colored tiles and accessories for a feng shui space.

They help balance energies

In feng shui, everything has a purpose, including the colors you use. So to promote the most positive energy, you should also consider which pastels you add to the bathroom. Shades of blue bring out water energy in a room, symboling abundance and prosperity. Enhance this by adding soft shades of blue. But too much of a water element can lead to too much of your energy being washed away and, with it, any fortune you're accumulating.

With that in mind, you'll want to balance the water energy with other types of energy. Wood energy, represented by green, can feel more welcoming. Lighter shades of green bring in renewal and regeneration. Pastel shades of blue and green work well with each other and create an energetic balance, allowing you to start and end your day in a balanced space.

Earth elements represent health and stability. Using colors like pale pinks, oranges, and yellows will help that positive energy create good health, stable relationships, and relaxation. Earth materials like terracotta or light natural stone can also stimulate this in the bathroom.