This Wild Zillow Listing Is Perfect For You If Want To Live Behind Bars

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to live in or renovate a prison, a Missouri listing from NextHome could be just for you. A prison in Harrisonville has been listed for $195,000 since January 14, sitting on a full half acre of land in the town's quaint historic district.

The prison was built in 1960 but hasn't housed inmates for years. In fact, the listing notes that the building was used as a filming location for two movies currently in production. In the interim, Cass County has used the old prison for storage. The building encompasses over 10,000 square feet, including the 5,300 square feet dedicated to office space and three cell blocks with a total of 34 cells. Outside, the property includes a cell phone tower, ample parking, and wire fencing. The building is commercially zoned, and the listing notes renovation possibilities, including escape rooms or office buildings, as well as potentially rezoning it as residential and turning the prison into apartments.

A look inside the Missouri prison

The entire prison is being sold as is and has been seemingly largely untouched since its original construction. There is still a "Cass County Law Enforcement Center" sign right above the front entrance, and the interior is similarly untouched.

One photo from the listing shows the reception center and telephone room still completely intact, complete with wall phones, bolted-down stools, and plexiglass dividers. Each of the 34 cells is also still standing as it originally did, complete with a toilet and sink in each room, as well as a sliding cell door. The listing features photographs of murals inside some of the cells, like one of a forest in an upper-level cell. There's also plenty of office and recreational space with built-in shelving units and original wallpaper. The listing notes that the property has passed an asbestos inspection and been deep cleaned, and the exterior has been repainted blue, though the interior will present quite a challenge for potential buyers.

Reactions to the jailhouse listing

The unique listing has caught the attention of the much-loved Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild, quickly garnering over 36,000 likes. Reactions to the prison listing are a slightly mixed bag but certainly reflect how unique it is.

Some people are very intrigued by the prison, especially the low price point. "That price is a STEAL....which is ironic," one comment notes. Another points out the size of the large pantry inside the jailhouse. Others are pointing out the legitimate potential of a large-scale building in the heart of a historic district. One commenter suggests turning the prison into a tattoo shop, skate park, or rentable artist studio spaces — fitting since there are already murals inside. Many people recommend turning it into a haunted house, escape room, or even a rage room, and others suggest turning it into a homeless shelter, warming center, or emergency facility. Not everyone sees the potential, though, even at the low price point. "That's a hard cell...even at that price," says one commenter. Regardless of what the prison is remodeled as, or if it's left as is, it's certainly a one-of-a-kind opportunity.