Sofa Toppers: What They Are And Why You Need One

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There are countless things in our everyday lives that threaten the pristine condition of a new sofa: pet scratches or slobber, kids' dirty fingerprints, spills from staining food or beverages — even just the regular use of sitting or lying on your sofa could cause it to wear down quickly. Luckily, there are a number of products you could purchase that will protect the surface of your precious piece of furniture, and you may have heard of a couple of them. 

In the past, the plastic slipcover was seen as the perfect solution to keeping your couch or sofa from getting stained. There are also fabric slipcovers, which are still used by some today. Another option is to spray the surface with a protectant such as Scotchgard, which will keep liquids from soaking into the fabric. However, these options come with some downsides and may not be the right choice for you. If so, there's another option: the sofa topper.

The sofa topper explained

Sofa toppers are flexible, soft pads that homeowners place on top of their seat cushions while leaving the rest of the sofa, including the sides and back, uncovered. The main purpose of these toppers is to protect the surface of the furniture piece from stains or wear and tear, but they also have other benefits as well.

Aesthetically, sofa toppers can provide additional color or pattern to your space, which could give it a brand-new look. On the other hand, if you solely wanted the topper for protection purposes, you could find one that matches your sofa and doesn't make a statement. They also add comfort, as these toppers are typically thicker than the average blanket and make your seat feel softer and more cushioned. Finally, sofa toppers easy to take on and off, as they simply rest on top of the cushions.

There are a number of options on the market; ones from the small business Pinky Moon are sold on Amazon, for example. The pieces retail for about $70, are machine-washable, and are offered in five neutral colors that provide a minimalist look.

How does it differ from other sofa products?

Every sofa or couch protectant product is used for the same purpose: to keep furniture in the best condition possible, and all the options typically perform this task well. However, each also comes with some downsides. Starting with plastic covers, this choice isn't very comfortable or enjoyable to relax on and may make a loud, squeaking noise every time you move. They also give a room an unfinished appearance that almost appears as if the homeowner hasn't unwrapped their sofa or couch yet.

Fabric covers are a much better choice, but they also come with some cons, including that they can be difficult to stretch over your furniture and may not come in the ideal size for a uniquely shaped piece. Spray protectants are another great option but they have to be reapplied once a year or more and need to dry overnight before the furniture can be used.

When it comes to sofa toppers, some may not like that they only cover the seat of the sofa and not the back or sides. However, this may be a plus for those who want to see still most of their beautiful piece. Another downside may be that the topper could slip off easier than other options, but you could tuck the edges of the material underneath the seat cushions to try and prevent this.