30 Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Can Easily Elevate Your Space

The bathroom can be a tricky room in your home to decorate and design. In smaller bathrooms, for example, there's little room for decorative objects. Even in rooms with more space, you have to make sure everything is moisture- and waterproof, which can prove tricky. The solution? Use functional elements to create beautiful designs, such as your bathroom vanity.

There are numerous factors at play when it comes to designing a bathroom vanity. There's the vanity itself, of course, which could be floating or wall-mounted, or even a repurposed console table or dresser. There's also the sink to consider, i.e., the materials, shape, size, etc. Your mirror is also an important factor, as are the lights you hang. Even something like the wall or flooring material surrounding your vanity can affect how you design with and around this particular piece of furniture.

Something as simple as swapping out your mirror or the sconces above your vanity to a design choice more dramatic like a full remodel can prove key in elevating your bathroom space.

1. Simple double vanity

Keep it simple but effective with a double bathroom vanity. Two separate counters with individual mirrors allow plenty of space for two people to get ready at once while still making the space feel cohesive and interesting. A basic wood theme is classic and adaptable for a variety of aesthetics.

2. Mosaic backsplash

A quick way to add some color and interest to your vanity area is with a multi-patterned mosaic backsplash or accent wall. This can be left as is, or enhanced by incorporating the tile color throughout the rest of your bathroom.

3. Shadowbox mirror

The mirror is often the eye-catching centerpiece of your bathroom vanity. A simple upgrade is to replace a basic framed mirror with a large, shadowbox frame mirror. Choose a neutral wood shade to keep it from overwhelming the room. 

4. Subway tile half wall

Another way to add subtle but impactful texture to your bathroom vanity is with subway tiled walls or half walls. It provides a neutral color to work with, while adding texture variance and intrigue to the area.

5. Shiplap half wall

Another wall texture option for your bathroom vanity is shiplap. This gives the space an immediate rustic, farmhouse or nautical sensibility, both of which could be enhanced and even combined with a more rustic vanity and coastal blue walls.

6. Teal tiles

Introduce color and texture to your bathroom vanity with opalescent-finished teal tiles and consider playing even further with pattern and interest with tiles going in alternate directions. Finally, finish the design off with an elegant gold mirror and matching faucet.

7. Material contrast

Mix and match the materials at play in the design of your bathroom vanity. Choose an edgy gray marble or stone countertop for your vanity counter, and contrast it with a stone blue-colored tiled half wall. Tie the two together with brass or gold hardware and lighting. 

8. Marble walls

A quick way to elevate your bathroom design from basic to luxurious is through marble — specifically, marble walls. Pair the marble with shiny gold hardware and classic silhouettes for a glamorous bathroom vanity.

9. Antique vanity

Whether you love all things vintage or want to add an antique touch to your modern bathroom, consider opting for an antique sideboard or console to convert into a bathroom vanity. Add modern hardware and a marble countertop for your sink to slightly update it.

10. Natural finishes

Embrace natural materials and textures in the design of your bathroom vanity. Choose a natural stone wall, or pair it with stucco, as well as a weathered vanity sink. Add some smoother, warm-toned woods and gold or brass hardware to keep it from going too brutalist.

11. Gold and marble

The marble wall look is even more effective in elevating smaller spaces. Make your bathroom vanity stand out against the marble with dramatic gold finishes — an elongated gooseneck faucet, statement mirror, and/or modern and eye-catching light fixtures. Make it feel extra luxurious with built-in mirror lighting.

12. Simple stone

For a more minimalist, slightly brutalist, and industrial bathroom vanity design, opt for stone walls and a black frame mirror. Balance it out with a white counter and sink with a wood or bamboo countertop.

13. Repurposed buffet table

You don't have to empty your wallet to design a beautiful bathroom vanity. Look for a secondhand or vintage buffet table to repurpose into a vanity sink and add a lighted stage mirror to tie it together. For extra color, add a colorful half-wall to contrast the table.

14. Dark and moody

For an intimate, moodier approach, opt for darker colors and natural materials like a stone counter and countertop, white ceramic basin, steel faucet, etc. Add minimalist flair by choosing clean, straight-lined silhouettes. 

15. Bright florals

On the other hand, if you prefer a brighter and more colorful approach, add a vibrant, saturated floral wallpaper behind your bathroom vanity, and pair it with an antique, ornate mirror. To elevate your space further, add a fun pop of color to the vanity's drawers.

16. Dramatic lighting

Another element of your vanity you can elevate is the lights. For a dramatic effect, look for vintage-style brass sconces placed on either side of the mirror. This is especially effective in a more modern-style bathroom. For safety and better lighting control, opt for battery-operated candlesticks as opposed to the real thing.

17. Bright blue

Go bold with color with a bright blue vanity with vibrant blue drawers, and take it a step further with matching mirror frames. Balance it out with black hardware like modern drawer handles and a simple black faucet.

18. Subtle florals

If you like patterns and florals but don't want to deal with bright colors, go for a monochromatic floral wallpaper with a delicate, sketch-like design. Embrace the delicateness with a gold frame mirror and simple decorations.

19. Wood accents

Wood is another great texture to feature behind your bathroom vanity to accent it in your bathroom. A wooden or bamboo half wall backing your vanity mirror can help draw attention to it, especially if you incorporate the material into the cabinet itself. 

20. Mirror gallery wall

For those with a more eclectic taste, go for a cluttered and unique mirror gallery wall above your bathroom vanity. Make sure you can comfortably use at least one of them, and then have fun creatively placing the rest. Mix and match shapes, designs, frame thickness, color, and material. 

21. Corner vanity

Make the most of the space in your bathroom by opting for a corner vanity. This can also give you more counter space. Choose an eye-catching raised sink, a colorful counter shade, and complementary gold hardware to make the whole corner pop.

22. Greenery

If you have a smaller vanity, it can be hard to add fun and decorative elements. If you have a corner available, however, and a sunny enough bathroom, consider adding a small potted plant or propagation to the countertop. You can also weave in real or fake vines along the mirror for a whimsical effect.

23. Mix and match

If you're a vintage fiend, have fun mixing and matching various antique and secondhand finds in your bathroom. Repurpose a wood shelf into the counter, use a fun bowl for an eye-catching raised basin, and feature a gorgeous statement mirror above it all.

24. Natural stone

Make your bathroom space feel like a high-end spa resort by adding stone backing to your vanity. Go for a super-natural finish with shades of brown, red, and orange veining throughout, and pair it with sleek, minimalist black pendant lights for an edgy contrast.

25. Sleek black

Black is commonly used in minimalist bathroom designs, but it's certainly not the extent of possibilities with the color. Use a glossy black color as the base of your bathroom vanity to elevate your bathroom space and give it a warm but sleek look, with raised sink basins, faucets, light fixtures, and a beautiful arched mirror.

26. Modern glass divider

Your vanity doesn't have to be confined to a wall in your bathroom. Use it to help create some dynamic spacing in the small room by using the backing as a divider to the shower, tub, toilet, etc. For a clean and modern look, opt for a glass and marble divider.

27. Multiple metals

If you can't decide between brass, gold, copper, or other colorful metal, don't feel pressured to add just one. Instead, choose a neutral and adaptable base palette, and mix and match — a copper faucet, brass cabinet handles, a gold mirror, a rose gold light pendant, and so on.

28. Modern black vanity

A more dramatic and modern look for your bathroom vanity can be achieved by starting out with an all-black base and opting for a satin finish for some depth. Look for a stunning statement mirror with a modern design, and employ some modern but subtle light fixtures throughout.

29. Terracotta sink

The sink holds a lot of sway in the overall design of your bathroom vanity. While simple white basins are fine, consider going for a bolder raised basin with a colorful material, like terracotta, or even copper. Pair it with similarly warm light fixtures, a brass mirror and faucet, and smooth stone countertops.

30. Statement mirror

If you want a simple upgrade idea for your bathroom vanity, look for a fun and eye-catching statement mirror to place above it. Play it safe with a wood or neutral-toned frame, or add some color by opting for a more vibrantly framed mirror.