How Hanging Eucalyptus In Your Shower Can Help Promote Good Feng Shui

If you're into the practice of feng shui and struggling financially, you must check your bathroom. This is often the worst room in your house when it comes to wealth because it's filled with negative chi. Water runs down the drains in the bathroom, symbolizing your money flowing away with it. Chi energy is what brings the body, mind, and spirit together, so having negative chi is not favorable. And positive chi can't move around your home freely if it's being flushed down the drains instead.

There are simple steps you can take to add more positive chi so the energy in your bathroom can continue to flow and your money can stay in your pockets. One way to lower the yin energy is through the colors you place in this room by aiming for natural tones that are soft or light, like green. Aside from changing the tile or paint on the walls, you can incorporate greenery with live plants. You don't want to add too many, so a good place to start is in your shower with a refreshingly scented bundle of eucalyptus.

Add calming energy to your bathroom

Eucalyptus is the perfect addition to a bathroom because it encourages good feng shui in many ways. This plant has the most significant benefits in this room and maintains positive chi for as long as possible. Because it's an earth element, it'll slow down the rate that this good energy drains away, according to Peace Love Feng Shui. The strong and pleasant scent of eucalyptus also promotes calmness and removes negativity from your bathroom so you can clear your personal energy fields.

The round leaves of the eucalyptus plant can even help you physically. It's hard to clear your body of negative attachments when you're suffering from nasal and sinus congestion. To get the benefit of a clear head, you need steam to release the eucalyptus essential oils; that's why placing it in your bathroom is an excellent choice. While enjoying a warm shower, the room will fill with a menthol scent that can clear your congestion as you relax and breathe in the aromatherapy.

Keep eucalyptus sprigs in your shower

There are multiple ways to add eucalyptus to your bathroom, but hanging it in the shower is the most effective way to promote good feng shui. To do this, you'll need to select a good cutting, and when possible, make sure it's organic. Otherwise, the pesticides could mix with the steam in your bathroom when you shower. To create an aesthetic bundle, gather the stems together with twine. Then use the same string to tie the eucalyptus behind your shower head. After about four weeks, you can expect the scent to fade, and you'll need to replace the bundle.

If you'd rather not have cuttings in your shower that you need to constantly replace, it's possible to successfully grow a eucalyptus plant in your bathroom. It's a low-maintenance plant, so you won't have to spend too much time keeping it alive. Your plant will be happy as long as your bathroom has enough windows to provide direct sunlight. Eucalyptus loves humidity, so this is the perfect room in your home for it to thrive. Aim for the soil to stay consistently moist. You'll likely need to water it once a week in the summer, but you can wait two months in the winter.