15 Laundry Room Door Ideas That Will Complement Your Home's Overall Style

Laundry rooms have become the new trend in home makeovers, and the laundry room door is taking center stage. Homeowners have begun to realize that this room where so much time is spent can be more functional, brighter, and even luxurious. Choosing a unique laundry room door is an opportunity to extend the home's design aesthetic, and you can make this doorway as beautiful as the rest of the house.

Dina Bandman, an interior designer in San Francisco, states, "No longer is the laundry room a forsaken, dreadful space. There is every reason to make a place used for chores enjoyable, cheerful and luxe," per Forbes. In fact, Pinterest is stating that luxe laundry is becoming one of the most popular terms that users are searching these days. The laundry room door can be styled a number of different ways, whether it's to create a rustic farmhouse appearance or achieve a sleek and modern look. As you consider how to redesign the entrance to your laundry room, let these 15 ideas inspire you to choose a stylish door that will complement your home.

1. Vintage and decorative

This distressed door with its vintage decal looks just right against the shiplap walls, subway tile backsplash, deep-blue cabinets, and the black and white decorative tiles covering the floor.

2. Frosted white

When this door is closed, its frosted glass hides any piles of laundry that are waiting to be folded, with just a friendly sign to suggest what's behind the door. Its simple style complements the pretty white foyer that features a side table with pink peonies and a row of hooks to hang a hat.

3. Weathered barn door

This rustic barn door with its black handle and hardware is a handsome contrast with the white shiplap walls. The windows at the top of the door are decorated with a pretty green wreath, allowing just a glimpse into the tidy laundry room inside.

4. Rustic farmhouse

This vintage door with its antique laundry sign and wide oak molding adds just the right touch to a farmhouse kitchen that features a weathered green trunk and white stools.

5. Light and bright

The classic style of this multi-paned white door allows a peek into a pretty white laundry room with its black and white tile and matching black hardware. The light that shines through the door highlights the attractive subdued tones of the living room.

6. Sleek black look

A sleek black door has a timeless appeal, especially when it's paired with a black piece of art that is hung nearby. The frame of glass at the top of the door features an old-fashioned decal and offers a glimpse of another piece of complementary artwork on the wall inside.

7. Farmhouse chic

This rustic sliding barn door looks at home against the white shiplap walls and black-and-white hexagonal tiles of the floor inside the laundry room. The milking stool and the portrait of the cow on the wall are nice additions to the farmhouse theme.

8. Soft sage green

This distressed door has a muted sage green finish that provides a subtle contrast with the other attractive earth tones in the room. The white metal door handle with brass plate adds a unique detail to this charming door, as well as the sign politely requesting help with the folding.

9. Vintage farmhouse

What's better than a wainscot ceiling, shiplap walls, and a vintage black rotary phone? Set a weathered sliding barn door in front of this laundry room for a complete farmhouse look.

10. Dutch door

This Dutch door allows light to shine in and laundry to pass through without having to open the door. It's a great solution for a house with children or pets who are tempted to knock over those piles of clean clothes just inside the door.

11. Wood panels

The wood panels on this door are stained a beautiful wheat color, complemented by the artwork on the wall and contrasting beautifully with the white walls and black hardware.

12. Repurposed and stylish

An old door with wood panels and a glass pane is given new life with a weathered look and a vintage decal. The rustic white finish provides a dramatic contrast with the deep ruby of the adjoining walls. 

13. Modern farmhouse chic

This chic white sliding barn door is an updated look for a modern farmhouse, blending beautifully with the crisp and clean style of the rest of the home.

14. Warmth and light

The three glass panels on this sliding barn door allow plenty of light to pass through into the hallway, and the warm brown color of the door matches the tone and style of the staircase banister and attractive wood floors.

15. French doors

These French doors add a classic touch to the home, whether open or closed. They are a handsome addition to the space and complete the look of the hallway with the neutral tones set against a white backdrop.