How Painting With A Bold Color Can Make A Gallery Wall Pop

Does your gallery wall need a boost? Showcasing a pop of color on an accent wall often provides much-needed visual interest, and a vibrant gallery wall is no different. While a section of your home can be decorated with appealing artwork, pictures, or keepsakes, painting the wall they're displayed on may help enhance the overall look, leading one's eye toward your gallery. As such, it's no wonder lead designer and partner of Rumor Designs, Lindsey Jamison, advises, "Always consider the backdrop before hanging any artwork." (via The Zoe Report)

Choosing the perfect color is vital when creating a unique gallery wall. If the room is painted white, beige, or another neutral tone, you might aim for brighter tints that complement your pieces while achieving an appealing contrast. On the other hand, a black gallery wall in a white room can make your pieces stand out. You may also use a hue that complements certain shades within your art pieces. For instance, if the tone of your gallery is already intense and vibrant, then the wall color can employ a delicate hue. On the other hand, with softer, subtle depictions, you might choose a dark, rich color.

Find balance between your artwork and a courageous color

While your attention may lean significantly toward the design of your gallery wall, consider the possibility of a daring, yet complementing color within the background to establish the overall vibe. Designer Lindsey Jamison explains, "The artwork and paint color have to work together." (via The Zoe Report) To find the best pairing or combination of colors, look for inspiration within the images and pieces you will display. If you have a lot of ochre or yellowish elements, a charcoal gray or dark purple hue may help encourage the scene, like in the above image. 

Also, consider the shades and textures within the frames and silhouettes of your gallery pieces. Hanging vintage musical instruments like a guitar or horn adds a classic touch, as both warm woods and shiny metallics will accompany lush blue, green, pink, and red hues. Various styles of framing can also set the mood. If your gallery is modern, picture frames with smooth and sleek borders, including glass casings, will complement a sophisticated wall color like navy blue or chocolate brown. Traditional frames showcasing raised or embossed edges would mingle well with a deep maroon, forest or olive green, or a rich taupe.

Draw interest to your gallery wall with flat paint

If you want your gallery wall to appear as brilliant as possible, apply a prominent color in a flat finish. Flat (or matte) paint offers both a sufficient level of pigment and an uncomplicated texture that can heighten the appearance of your display. Although the consistency of the paint lacks luster and strength, you won't need to apply as many coats compared to shinier satin or semi-gloss varieties. For example, in the above photo, a soft, ocean blue tone creates a bold backdrop that highlights various neutral-colored pieces for alluring contrast.

You might also wish to explore the concept of a monochromatic scheme. Since many frames feature neutral tones like brown, gray, tan, black, or white, you go darker or lighter with a similar paint color on the wall. Also, consider livening things up even more with fluorescent tints of blue, green, pink, orange, and yellow. While remaining flat in quality, these vibrant colors will easily capture the essence of a potentially light-hearted or tropical theme while your gallery pieces remain the star of the show.