How Putting A Fern In Your Bathroom Can Help Promote Feng Shui

Practicing feng shui allows the energy in your house to flow so your home is filled with peace and prosperity. There are five elements that need to be balanced to reach harmony: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, each representing a life trait. When promoting feng shui in your bathroom, you need to focus on water and wood.

Bathrooms are known for being the most negative room in the house. They're constantly losing all the positive energy associated with the water element because it flows down the sink, shower, and toilet drains. To keep the chi from leaving your house through the pipes, you need to balance it through design. Houseplants, like ferns, are more than a pretty addition to your décor; they're part of the wood element, which harmonizes your space. Ferns are a perfect choice because they'll remove the negative energy in your bathroom, so you're left with positive chi.

Purify your bathroom

Ferns are a perfect addition to your bathroom when you need to promote good feng shui. They signify abundance, prosperity, and purification, making them ideal for this room. Instead of having chi that flows out of your home with the water in your pipes, a fern will keep everything in balance. The positive energy will stay with you, and anything negative will be flushed away.

Ferns are great at removing bad energy because they purify the air around them. They'll keep your bathroom fresh by cleaning toxins like formaldehyde and xylene from the air as they photosynthesize. However, you don't want too many plants in one room. According to feng shui, you only need a few strategically placed plants that complement your décor. As long as your bathroom isn't stuffed with ferns, they will add to the positive energy in your space. You should choose a variety like the Boston fern for the best results.

Ferns love humidity

Along with benefiting feng shui in your bathroom, ferns will thrive in this room's environment. They're already a low-maintenance plant, so once you find the right spot, you only have to water them occasionally. Boston ferns will do the best here because of their need for moisture. They require 80% humidity, so you can place them right in the shower if it's large enough. You'll also need at least one window in your bathroom if you want to use plants to balance chi and promote good feng shui. Ferns prefer bright, indirect light for at least two hours daily. However, if they get too much or it's too bright, their leaves will get burnt and turn brown.

Even though this plant loves water, you should be cautious. Depending on the season, your fern will need a different watering schedule. In the summer, you should moisten their soil before it can dry out. However, when they're dormant in the winter, let the surface of the potting mix dry before you add more water. If they're in the shower and their soil is getting very wet, you may need to move them during these months. One way to know if your fern is overwatered is if its foliage becomes yellow and wilted.