The Benefits Of Having A Dedicated Wellness Space In The House

The concept of wellness spaces has taken off in the corporate world. Having a dedicated area to relax, unwind, and pause during the workday, no matter how briefly, provides relief to those who take advantage of it. Employees experience better work days, improved wellness, and more productivity when they have areas to retreat to and rest in their workplace. However, work has moved beyond the office, and these wellness spaces have become more common in the home.

Since the start of the pandemic, people have been seeking more personalized relaxation spaces in their homes. Maryline Damour, the co-founder of the design firm Damour Drake, has experienced less client demand for home gyms and more for music rooms, reading rooms, and garden spaces, via Veranda. What exactly is the appeal of a dedicated wellness room? Who needs it? Here are some of the benefits and what you would need in your own wellness room.

The appeal

A wellness space is great to have in the house because it is an intentional location for relaxation and conscious self-care. Even though mindfulness should always be a part of your day, having a physical space that is set up specifically to manage stress and improve well-being can be very valuable. A wellness room becomes a sanctuary because you've created a clear distinction from the rest of the home.

For those whose responsibilities are tied to the home, whether remote work or household chores, a dedicated wellness room will be your easily accessible, safe retreat whenever you need it. It provides the tools you need to recuperate without leaving your home. It is also an efficient way to take a break because the room will be free of distractions. You can come out after just 10 minutes feeling refreshed and motivated to resume your activities for the day.

How to create your own

Rest and movement are two ideas that can guide you as you plan your self-care space. You need to create an environment conducive to rest by having elements that promote reflection and relaxation. Some of these include natural lighting, simple d├ęcor, and calming music. Ensure the room has comfortable couches, cushions, beautiful plants, and scented candles. Avoid gathering or having discussions in this room to maintain the right atmosphere.

You should also add simple exercise tools and equipment to your wellness area because movement improves mental health and mood. Small weights and yoga mats are some examples. Just be mindful that this isn't the space for intense exercise, so avoid strenuous movements and loud music. You can also add fun games and activities like puzzles, board games, and coloring books to take your mind off stress. Opt for good books instead of TVs and computers to entertain yourself while in the room.