The Tall Plant Mistake You Should Always Avoid If You Have A Small Yard

When working with a small yard, designing a beautiful space filled with all the plants and landscape décor you love can be difficult. However, it's not impossible. There are plenty of options to create a soothing and harmonious environment. For example, installing a small pond designed with charming stone and filled with tiny fish introduces several elements within one location and helps perpetuate an interesting yet relaxing atmosphere. Or laying down stones to create a pathway is another aesthetically pleasing and functional option.

Although there are many small yard designs we recommend giving a try, planting tall greenery isn't one of them. Typically, growing tall plants can be an exciting project that can provide ample shade, create more privacy, and increase your overall property value. But, when planted in a small yard, it can end up being a total disaster. We'll reveal the reasons why as well as provide stunning alternatives.

Shadowing towers

Whether you're redecorating the interior or exterior of your residence, lighting is an important design tool that can be utilized to ensure a space looks bright and large. So, if you're dealing with a small yard, why would you introduce tall plants that can block the sunlight and cast dark shadows? Although there are several gorgeous, towering greenery to choose from, their shadowing effects will only make your small yard feel smaller. However, if there are certain tall plants you can't live without, it's recommended to routinely trim them down to maintain a shorter height.

Additionally, introducing too many tall plants can create an overcrowded space. Instead, homeowners with compact yards should focus on planting miniature alternatives to create a stunning ambiance without diminishing the overall design. For example, dwarf spruce and bird's nest spruce are smaller shrubs that are energetically green and can be used to effortlessly add texture and interest. And if small shrubs aren't your thing, we've identified other exciting options that will have you running to your nearest gardening retailer.

Shorter options

Those of you craving a vibrant touch of color in your small yard should consider planting a celosia, specifically the dragon's breath celosia. It won't grow above 3 feet tall and features textured flowers painted crimson red. However, if you prefer neutral florals, we suggest taking a look at the lily of the valley, which features adorably small bell-shaped flowers. It only grows about 1 foot tall, and you only need to plant a few to create a full and luscious landscape.

Daylilies are also another option and a common favorite among gardeners. Similarly to the lily of the valley, daylilies only grow about 1 foot tall and can be used to fill flower beds and borders. They also come in various colors, such as red, orange, yellow, white, and more. Lastly, we recommend planting hyacinths if you desire a plant that will truly captivate visitors and those who walk by. Not only does it put on a stunning display of tiny pink florets, but it also emits an attractive smell. This flower also only reaches about 1 foot in height.