HGTV's Rock The Block Highlights A Kitchen Trend That Elevates One Of Your Everyday Appliances

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As interior design continues to evolve, we learn about different ways to elevate a variety of features in our homes. For a while, accent walls dominated the industry and were used to create focal points and elevate interest in a space. Later, we noticed wood beam installation becoming an increasingly popular design tactic to bring attention to the ceiling. Now, there are trends available to help homeowners turn an everyday kitchen appliance into a thing of beauty.

Recently, season four of "Rock the Block" premiered, featuring four HGTV interior design teams who've each been given $250,000 to renovate a home within six weeks. In the first episode, they were tasked with designing the kitchen among other small spaces. In an effort to win over the judges, they all came up with extravagant features, but one team rose above the others. Below, we'll reveal whose idea turned an ordinary, functional kitchen space into a winning centerpiece and how they did it.

Stunning stove design

As you're probably already aware, HGTV celebs Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin are co-hosts of "Farmhouse Fixer." However, you may have not known that they're also contestants in the new season of this renovation competition show — and they're already making waves. As the team walked into the bare kitchen, they noticed they were dealing with a giant, blank white canvas with an incredible amount of height. "You're looking at all this height, and I don't want to look at the height, I want to look at a focal point," Kristina Crestin said (via Amazon Prime Video).

"We'll create a stove cove, which basically is a stove set into a wall," she explained. Doing this, plus installing a large range with a porcelain hood that mimics the appearance of metal over the hood created a stunning focal point. In this modern farmhouse kitchen design, making the stove the center of attention by fitting it into a cove with a marble backdrop — among other features — impressed the judges and won the duo an extra $1,000 for their next project.