Lazy Susans Are A Kitchen's Best Friend (And Prime Place To Use Them)

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Everyone wants a tidier and more put-together home; sometimes, organizational tools are the only way to achieve this goal. Perhaps one of the most underrated things you could use to organize items is a lazy susan. Also called a turntable, this is a round piece of metal, plastic, or wood that rotates and comes in many different styles and colors. Further, there are three main types of lazy susans: Some have a flat surface that allows you to spin things like bottles, others come with compartments to separate smaller items, and the last type has a tall lip to keep things contained. 

Turntables can be used anywhere in the home to organize various possessions. For instance, in the bathroom, they can hold toiletries; in the laundry room, they can help you manage cleaning supplies; in the office, they can contain office supplies. However, the kitchen is the most popular and beneficial place to use this tool. 

Making the most out of a lazy susan

Because you can spin a lazy susan, it gives you access to things that would otherwise be shoved far behind your more frequently used items. Some believe that turntables are a waste of space and they very well could be if misused. The key to maximizing this tool is storing the right possessions and using the right-size unit. You should only use circular items such as bottles on a lazy susan, as the sharp edges of something with a square bottom would waste space on the round device. Further, make sure you use a turntable that perfectly fits in the area because one that's too small will take away space that could have been used for additional storage. 

To make the most out of this organizational tool, you must choose one with suitable characteristics for your specific scenario. For instance, those storing many glass bottles or jars may want a non-slip type, which could be bought on Amazon. On the other hand, if you're storing smaller items, you could choose one with compartments from Target

Where to use them in the kitchen

One of the most popular places to use a lazy susan is in a corner cabinet since these are often deep, making it hard to reach the back of them. It's typical to use this space to store things like cans or bottles of oil and vinegar, items that would work perfectly on a lazy susan. Another place you could use one of these organizational tools is in the pantry or food cabinet to organize things like bottles, spice jars, and snacks. Condiments in the back of the fridge could also be more accessible with the help of one of these organizers. 

If you want to display a larger turntable in your kitchen, place one in the middle of a round table, as this will allow you to pass items to everyone seated without having to reach or get out of your chair. You could also place one on your kitchen counter to hold whatever you desire.