Here Is Why You Might Have Noises In Your Attic

There's nothing spookier than hearing your house emit a loud and spontaneous popping, banging, or creaking sound. But before you jump to conclusions and assume that your home is either getting ready to crumble into pieces, or that there's an ominous presence living in the attic, just know that noises like this are usually pretty common. This is especially true if the weather has recently turned warm to cool. When the weather gets chilly, this is a cue for your house to begin having a one-sided dialogue with you, by way of random sounds. You can chalk it up to the law of physics, per Pennsylvania State University. If it's not temperature related, it could also be your heating or air conditioning system (HVAC) starting back up after a long spring and summer siesta.

It's completely natural to be a little concerned if you're hearing strange sounds from above. After all, the attic isn't really your typical hang-out zone (unless it's been renovated to be a livable space). However, it's still important to understand what exactly those curious sounds are, because peace of mind is always a good thing.

It has a lot to do with temperature

While constant attic noise can sometimes be attributed to wind or loose siding, the real culprit is often the temperature. The law of physics states that an increase in temperature will create an increase in volume, and the opposite is true when something contracts. 

The most common cause of attic noises is due to your home being affected by the increase or decrease in outdoor temperature. As the temperature fluctuates, the different materials used to build your home go through their own set of changes. Pressure builds, and areas that are connected by nails and plates can shift a bit. When they finally move, this energy creates a sudden (and loud) change. It's also normal for your roof to undergo a similar process, which consequently also makes a very impactful and noticeable noise when it does happen. This isn't anything to be worried about unless your roof is showing signs of damage.

It could also be the HVAC system

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It's a system that's put in place to control the internal climate of your house, and is composed of several parts that you should familiarize yourself with. Because if something is making a strange noise, you're going to need to identify where it's coming from. 

When your HVAC system kicks on after a long, blissful spring, summer, and autumn, you're going to hear it. The ductwork generally runs throughout the length of your attic space, and the air that's traveling through can cause the actual tubing to shake, rattle, or bang around. This can sound a lot like something has taken up residence in the uppermost part of your home.

If your HVAC system isn't properly insulated, this can also cause a humming or buzzing sound. You should routinely have your air ducts, filters, and fan blades checked over as part of your routine maintenance. If anything is clogged, dirty, or needs replacing, you'll be able to hear it.