25 Renovated Attics That Will Inspire Your Creative Juices

Do you feel as though you don't have enough space in your home? You may have all these ideas of what furniture pieces you would like to include in each room, but you may get stumped when these open spaces quickly begin to fill up. This is when homeowners usually start to renovate. They'll either extend a wall or even break it down to create an open floor plan. Whatever the case, it's always a headache when you just don't have the square footage for your dream design. After looking left and right for space, it may be time to look up.

Renovating your attic into a usable space not only creates a new room for you to enjoy, but it can raise the value of your home, according to Fineline Construction. Keep in mind, though, that when remodeling your loft, there are a few things to be wary of: temperature and ventilation, plumbing, and building code requirements. If you want to save costs, a DIY attic renovation is also possible, according to Budget Dumpster. If you can do some of these incredible designs yourself, you could save thousands of dollars.

1. Small attic bedroom

If you're someone who lives a minimalistic lifestyle, then this small attic bedroom could be a fun option. The white walls brighten up the room and reflect the light coming out of the sky. As long as you keep your furniture to a minimum, a bedroom like this can be beautiful.

2. Elegant attic bathroom

Renovating a bathroom like this is sure to take a lot of work but is definitely worth it. The floor-to-ceiling windows in this attic allow a flood of natural light to enter the room. The bathtub and vessel sinks are stunning and create a space of pure elegance.

3. Quiet office space

Your attic may be the best choice if you do not have a quiet space downstairs to adequately work in your office. You can renovate it to be a completely focused room focused on work and studying.

4. A second kitchen

A second kitchen can be a great way to have a different space to entertain guests away from family mementos are other precious items. This is also a fun way of playing with a new kitchen design that is out of the guests' sight.

5. Home gym

Building a home gym in your attic can be especially nice for those sick of their gym membership. This may be a better choice than the basement due to more natural light access.

6. Second living space

This modern attic design can serve as your home away from home. With a bedroom and living room, you can spend most of your days up here with the privacy you desire. This can also serve as a guest room or a room to rent out to others.

7. Children's bedroom

Renovating can be fun as it's a chance to play with new designs you haven't tried before. This can be especially exciting for a children's room — who will get older and want more privacy in the future.

8. Master bedroom

Create a secluded feeling for your master room by building it in the attic. If you're able to work with the plumbing, you can have a bathroom there as well.

9. Rattan for vacation feels

As you renovate, prioritize everything you would like to include in your design. For example, if you've always wanted a patio look in your room, work to make that happen when designing your attic space.

10. Modernized kitchen attic

Create the perfect modern kitchen in your attic. The herringbone floors complement the color of the kitchen cabinets and countertop, and the large space allows for the design to flourish. 

11. Cottage vibes

If you're aiming for a more rustic cottage look, you may be able to work with the existing flooring and framing of the attic space. That'll be a more affordable and quick way of renovating your attic.

12. Cozy space

Create a comfy, cozy space in your attic to relax for any activity, such as studying, watching tv, or playing cars while looking out the window and watching your neighborhood. 

13. Focal point

A nice quirk that most attics have is angled walls. These angled walls can become great focal points: choose a color you love and slather the wall with paint and other decorative pieces you adore.

14. Unique windows

Renovating an attic means you have the chance to create unique window structures that would be difficult to create on the lower level. For example, this triangle shape takes up the whole wall and is framed with wood to really highlight its unique shape.

15. Draw in the skylight

If you're a true lover of natural light — and don't mind it as a wake-up call every morning — a large ceiling window can be the means through which you'll brighten and open up your space.

16. Mind the staircase

When designing your attic, you shouldn't forget the style of your staircase. If you've created a modern space, it'll be ruined if still attached to an outdated pull-down attic door, so ensure you consider the stairs when renovating the place.

17. Design to the smallest of details

When designing your attic, be sure to design everything necessary. For example, they've installed new flooring, window treatments, tile on the wall, and lighting to complete their overall look in this room.

18. When in doubt, use light colors

If you're having difficulty choosing the right colors for your wall, floors, and windows, just make sure to use light colors. Attics are usually small with awkward corners, so you don't want to make any part of the space feel smaller than it already is with dark colors.

19. Keep it simple

If you're just creating an extra room to expand the space in your home, then there's nothing wrong with just keeping it simple. You've done a good job as long as it properly serves its function.

20. Trim is your best friend

For those who want soft design features that don't overwhelm the space, trim will work well for you. You can design it however you like depending on the look you're going for, and it doesn't distract from prominent pieces of furniture you may be trying to show off.

21. Chic wardrobe

Like many others, you may have an extensive clothing collection that needs a larger space. Doing that is easy in an attic after cleaning it up a bit, you can create a chic walk-in closet.

22. Work with what you've got

Low vaulted ceilings can be annoying as they take up space, but you can turn the attic into something beautiful if you work with what you have. The mirror here reflects the light and creates a larger space, and the bed also fits nicely in the spot below the ceiling, creating a cozy design.

23. Get a well-to-do look

Add a luxurious feel to your renovated attic by adding a fireplace. However, before doing this, be sure your attic has the proper ventilation and codes for the safety of your home.

24. Built-in storage

Get creative with the storage in your space and construct built-in storage that will complement your overall design. 

25. Rustic haven

Remember, when designing a space, there are endless options depending on your home and budget. If you love a rustic feel to your home, like in this image, create just that. Work with what you have to create the space you've envisioned that also serves its purpose.