The Simple Trick For Getting Every Last Drop Of Laundry Detergent From The Bottle

Have you noticed the price increase for some of the most popular laundry detergents? If so, you're not alone. According to CNN, Proctor and Gamble increased the price of Tide and Gain laundry detergents by 8% last year. So, now it is expensive to buy clothes and clean them as well. Of course, when you're paying a higher cost for a product, you probably expect to be able to use all of it. However, TikTok user charmiexoxo posted a viral video explaining that's not always the case.

The post, which has garnered 1.9 million views, over 260,000 likes, and almost 700 comments, shows how difficult it is to pour out the remaining detergent left at the bottom of a nearly empty container. "This may not seem like a lot to you, but just look at how these laundry detergent companies rip us off," they say in the video. With their quick and easy technique, you can get an extra load or two out of a bottle that most homeowners would simply throw away.

What they did

The video shows the content creator going to their husband's toolbox and pulling out a pair of pliers. "I want to get my money's worth out of the bottle," they say. "I'm gonna get all of that laundry detergent out of here." Then used the tool to get a good grip on the plastic spout and tugged it until it eventually popped clearly off. "So, as you can see, it just takes a little effort here, but soon enough, I got it," they said.

Once the spout was removed, they were able to pour out the remaining amount of laundry detergent into a small cap. Surprisingly, enough was left to wash "at least another load or two," they said. So, if you're someone who uses liquid laundry detergent, it may be wise to try this hack out to avoid an early trip to the store. As the content creator notes, maximizing the usefulness of certain products is important — especially when paying a premium for your favorite detergent.

What people are saying

A video with over a million views is bound to have hundreds of comments with differing opinions and playful jokes. One person couldn't believe they hadn't heard of this hack sooner. "I almost threw my phone. Why have I not thought of this," the user exclaimed. Others explained how they now use other products due to the difficulty of retrieving all the liquid detergent. "This is why I switched to powder instead of liquid. I get my money's worth... and my clothes even smell better."

Some users revealed different tactics they use to solve the same problem. For example, some explained how they use water to loosen up the cleaning solution so that it easily flows out, and others said they simply place their container upside down and allow gravity to push the detergent down towards the cap so it's ready to use for the next load. One even said they go as far as to cut a hole out of the bottom of the container with a pair of scissors. While some of these tactics require impressive dedication, we'll stick to the simple plier method offered by charmiexoxo.