HGTV's Tarek And Heather Rae El Moussa Fix But Don't Flip Their Brand-New Dream Home

If you're a fan of HGTV, you've probably seen Tarek El Moussa flip a few houses, as he's starred in (what feels like) countless fixer-upper shows. He hosts his newest show, "The Flipping El Moussas," with his wife and real estate agent Heather Rae, who already found fame from the ever-popular Netflix series "Selling Sunset." Throughout the inaugural season, the duo is set to tackle 10 properties. In a recent post on Heather Rae's Instagram, she notes that the show was "such a labor of love" and that the duo "really put [their] ALL into [the] flips." 

Since this team has so much experience with fixing up homes and reselling them, it's no surprise that when they came across a 3,000-square-foot property in Newport Beach, California, they thought about flipping it. However, once they started construction, they decided they wanted to keep it for themselves and their growing family. Here's a look at the home that won their hearts.

Problems with renovations

The renovation process was anything but easy — in fact, the home flooded twice during the year and a half of construction. The first instance occurred when renovations were about halfway done, which obviously set the project back. Then, after a pipe was installed incorrectly, the house flooded again. However, even though renovations were challenging, the couple still stayed optimistic. "After all that, the house means so much to us now," Heather Rae El Moussa told HGTV. Just as the houses on "The Flipping El Moussas" were a labor of love, so was their new home, which they've been enjoying with their family.

One of the appeals of this property that kept the couple interested even after the setbacks is its location. Because the home is just a block away from Newport Beach, it's the perfect area to raise a family and get some relaxation time. Further, the property was basically a blank slate, which made designing the home a bit easier. "When we first saw this house, the interior was completely white, so we had to put our own flare on it," Heather Rae told HGTV.

The dreamy design highlights

When driving up to the completely renovated property, the most noticeable characteristic of the brick exterior is the color, which is a matte black shade. This was quite a daring choice, not only because this color is bold but also because the home is located near the beach, where properties are often painted in airy tones.

The moody exterior also carries into the interior of the home, where the living room's fireplace is covered in a deep, textured wallpaper with an iron frame. "I love wallpaper because at a pretty reasonable price, you can create the effect of stone or metal," Tarek El Moussa told HGTV. They also added glossy black tiles to the kitchen backsplash and painted the range hood a waxy deep tone. Baby Tristan's nursery also features their signature color in the furniture and chevron wall pattern. Another unique feature of the home is the rooftop, which has a fun wooden panel wall and a central fireplace.