20 Stone-Topped Dining Room Tables That You'll Want In Your Own Home

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Designing a timeless yet elevated dining room can be accomplished in several ways, one of which is by introducing a stone-topped table. There are a variety of options available to accommodate different aesthetics, as well as different options for the legs to introduce texture, contrast, and interest. Also, not only is stone a stunning decorative piece, but it's also a durable option that can last quite a long time when properly cared for. That being said, stone is a porous material, so you'll have to deal with spills quickly to prevent staining the surface. 

If you believe a stone dining table would be the perfect dining room addition but you're overwhelmed by the plethora of designs and styles available, here are some of the best options we've found. Whether you're in love with modern, traditional, farmhouse, or contemporary styles, you're sure to find something to complement your current design scheme.

1. Mid-century beauty

The walnut finish, slightly splayed legs and brass feet caps of the Kelsey Marble Dining Table from Castlery scream mid-century, but are given a modern edge with the veined, marble top. It's currently priced at $1,600.

2. A contemporary must have

This pill-shaped dining table — a recent design trend — from Povision is priced at $1,600 and can be used to complete a contemporary dining room. The organic shape of the marble top paired with subtle veining and ribbed column legs can be used to simultaneously create harmony and interest in a space.

3. Versatile design

The Kendall dining table from All Modern can be used to update the look of different types of dining rooms. We could imagine it complementing anything from a farmhouse design to a mid-century home or even a contemporary space due to the neutral tones and simple shapes of the wood and stone materials. It's currently priced at $1,300.

4. Striking contrast and veining

If you're some who craves a strictly modern home, we suggest taking a look at this black stone top from Homary, which features striking white veining. It features a carbon steel base and is priced at $2,320.

5. Farmhouse essential

The farmhouse dining table from Williams Sonoma Home is $2,995, and it features a Carrara marble top and beautifully detailed, turned legs. The subtle, faded veining allows the wood to shine, while also attracting a contemporary touch to a traditionally designed space.

6. Skirted base

Another option for those who adore the farmhouse aesthetic is the William D Scott round marble table from Neiman Marcus. Its elegant marble top sits on a base featuring a unique skirt-like design, which softens the overall look. It's priced at $6,650.

7. A traditional combo

The Chelsea Travertine Dining Table from Ballard Designs features a travertine top and dark iron base combo that can be used to create a strong anchor for a traditional dining room. It can complement wood tones and other dark metal décor — which are often found in traditionally designed spaces. It's priced at about $3,800.

8. A touch of warmth

The Myko sintered stone dining table from Eternity Modern is $3,049 and can offer a touch of warmth to a minimalist dining room. The straight but slightly beveled legs keep the design simple while the brown veining painted across the stone top can be used to warm up a space typically covered in shades of white.

9. A table to modernize your rustic home

We believe the Petra gray marble dining table from Arhaus can be used to modernize a rustic dining room. The marble top looks as though it was created with chunks of marble, and the rough but smooth scalloped edges adds texture and interest to the piece. The price is $10,800.

10. A table to entertain with

This chic stone dining table from Home Depot features a central turntable, which can be a fun addition for those who like to host guests. It's currently priced at about $1,582.

11. Entirely marble

The Julius dining table from CB2 is entirely made out of spider marble, which features bold veining with hints of green. It's currently priced at $3,500 and is designed with hand-chiseled legs, which gives a uniquely texturized design.

12. Plenty of leg room

This long, marble pedestal dining table from Homary can comfortably seat up to eight people and provides plenty of legroom due to the brass, pedestal base. It's priced at about $2,625.

13. Specks of color

Although terrazzo isn't completely made of stone, it is composed of recycled materials, such as marble chips. The Saltoro Sherpi Lippa from Walmart is about $909, and would be a great addition to an eclectically designed dining room due to the various colors on the surface.

14. Striking legs

This stone dining table from Homary not only has a vibrant design on the surface, but also striking, golden legs that cross each other to create a fun and impactful modern feature for a dining space. It's priced at about $3,290.

15. Simple base

The marble dining table from Arhaus is $7,000 and has a trending Calacatta Viola design on top, with a simple wooden base that allows the pattern to shine.

16. Teardrop shape

If you adore oval-shaped dining tables but crave something a bit more unique, we suggest checking out this stone top option from Litfad. The veining is subtle, which allows the shape of the table to be the main attraction. It's priced at about $1,655.

17. Blue-green undertones

The round Metropolis dining table from One Stop Bedrooms is $1,815 and features a dark gray color with undertones of blue and green. This is an excellent option for dining rooms designed with similar hues. For instance, with complementary dark turquoise chairs.

18. Burst of color

The red travertine dining table from Lekker Home may be just what you need if your dining room is currently lacking color. The warm, red pigment is a vibrant and exciting hue that can be turned into a beautiful focal point. It's currently priced at $8,000.

19. Classic color combo

Black and pink have always been a classic color combo. So, if you're hoping to create a timeless design, this stone top table from Wayfair designed with rose gold legs may do the trick. The price is $1,500.

20. An affordable option

Although stone top tables are a beautiful dining room addition, purchasing them can be a costly endeavor. However, Ikea has a simple, quartz top table available for about $700. This may still be a bit expensive, but it is more affordable than the options mentioned previously.