The Internet Is Loving The Messy Bed Trend - Here's How To Nail The Look

There are two types of people in this world: those who neatly make their bed every morning and those who don't. While one option may seem better than the other, there are cons to both. For example, leaving your sheets in a pile at the foot of the mattress can create disorder and make you feel less productive throughout the day. On the other hand, tightly tucking in your sheets and arranging your throw pillows can require time and energy that you may want to use doing other things. Further, it can feel pointless to meticulously arrange your bedding every morning, only to ruin your hard work when you go to sleep at night.

Luckily there's a third option, and it's called the messy bed aesthetic. This means haphazardly making your bed so it doesn't look too neat or overly disordered. This choice will look more orderly than leaving your sheets in a pile, but it also takes less time and energy than perfectly arranging your bedding. 

Easy ways to embrace this trend

Most people follow unspoken design rules when making the bed. For instance, many believe that blankets should be folded at the base, larger pillows should be arranged behind smaller ones, and the comforter should be spread flat across the entire mattress. However, all these guidelines can be forgotten when trying out the messy bed aesthetic. For example, when arranging your throw pillows, casually place them against the headboard instead of straightening them in a specific way. Likewise, blankets can be thrown across the bottom and layered to add texture, and bunching up the comforter in certain areas will create movement. 

Additionally, there are other elements that you can include to add more interest. For example, a bed skirt with ruffles can increase the cozy vibes, and textured pieces like chunky knit blankets are better than regular cotton throws. Also, consider the different shapes and sizes of pillows, as varying them will create a more dynamic look.

Adding a messy bed to different styles

A considerable benefit of this trend is that it can be added to any style. Consider the colors most often used in your home to make your bedding match the rest of your space. If you're a minimalist, lean into neutrals or a monochromatic look, but use different fabrics to add varying elements. On the other hand, maximalists may desire to layer textiles in various colors. For a modern look, include something with a simple, geometric pattern, like a striped throw blanket, while those who prefer a traditional appearance could use things with louder patterns, such as a floral pillow.

Textures are essential to this trend, and using suitable materials is critical to creating the style you're going for. For example, add a woven blanket to employ a coastal or farmhouse feel, while bohemian bedrooms often benefit from pieces with tassels and layers. On the other hand, if you're going for an industrial, rustic, or cabinesque aesthetic, leather throw pillows or wool blankets can be used effectively.