5 Tips For Bringing Bohemian Style Into Your Bedroom

Bohemian style, or "boho" for short, is one of the most popular varieties of décor today, with many of its influences filtering into other related styles and looks. It can be spotted by its casual, carefree vibes that maximize natural materials, coziness, and creative impulses. Hallmarks include floor-level living with low furniture and pieces that exude softness; whether it is full-length draping curtains, throwback vintage touches like crochet and macrame, or ample artwork that reflects the owner's unique and original tastes.

According to Living Cozy, the appeal of bohemian style lies in its richness of layers blending multicultural influences, soft, flowy textiles, and creative accents. It's a perfect fit, particularly for bedrooms, where the style can really shine and emphasize a relaxed, casual vibe. There are a few key things to keep in mind if you want to add a little (or a lot) of boho style to your bedroom, covering everything from color and pattern to accent touches and lighting. 

Color and pattern

According to Design Ideas Guide, many boho bedrooms often incorporate earth tones aplenty mixed with bolder, deeper accent colors. Boho style, however, can be seen in a number of color schemes, from neutrals to soft pastels and rich jewel tones. Here, rich sunset shades of orange and yellow provide a warm vibe enhanced by the strategic use of patterns, including a striped rug and throw pillows.

Whatever your color goals, part of boho's charm lies in layering, so creating multi-dimensional color stories is key. Look for colors that are complementary but not too matchy-matchy to keep things casual. Bring in a variety of textures and fabrics, particularly if you are using a lot of neutrals. Boho style loves patterns that play off of each other. By carefully choosing color, print, and scale, you can guide any interior to seem casual while still being very intentional in design. 

Earthy materials

Bohemian style is influenced strongly by natural materials. From an abundance of plants to a proliferation of rattan and wicker pieces, nature is a guiding element of the style. Here, a neutral color palette complements a number of natural materials, including rustic wood floors, rattan pieces, ample greenery, and weathered wood furniture. The star of the room has to be the amazing grass headboard that provides a sculptural focal point above the bed. 

The emphasis on natural elements makes implementing boho style into other décor schemes like cottagecore, shabby chic, and modern farmhouse effortless since each style shares many of the same hallmarks like rustic wood, lots of plants, and an abundance of natural textures. Some quintessential boho accents include the famous rattan peacock chair (via Curated Interior) and macrame hanging planters. A fur throw rug is also a great way to add another natural texture and give an immediate boho feel to any space. 

Soft and flowy

Bohemian spaces exude softness in every aspect, from lavish draped fabrics to an abundance of cushions, throws, ottomans, and rugs. The effect is romantic yet casual. Here, a daybed is covered in an array of textured throws and slipcovers that invite lounging. Woven silk, velvet, and woven pillows amplify the casual, thrown-together aesthetic but reveal carefully chosen intentionality in color and shape. A deep slate gray curtain hangs from the ceiling, offering a great contrast against the rustic wood paneling.

Because this is an aesthetics rooted so much in softness, feel free to maximize soft and draped elements for great effect. Layers are key. Rather than a single quilt or duvet, add more softness with throw blankets in complementary colors and patterns that visibly play off each other. Rather than a single large rug, The White Buffalo Styling Co. suggests layering multiple rugs in various patterns and sizes. To increase the drama and visual effect, hang curtains and drapes slightly higher than the window frame, or use them as room dividers in multi-use spaces. Use sheer or crocheted curtains to hand around a bed or create an intimate reading nook over a chair.

Creative touches

Part of boho style allure is in the creative touches. According to The Pearl Source, bohemian style has its roots in the culture of artists in France after the French Revolution, a time when artists and writers were gathering and forging a new identity as they moved away from the royal patronage that was no longer available. The Bohemian movement quickly spread across the world, coming to embody a free-spirited, free-thinking, and creative community. What we know as boho style reflects these roots in a love of the unique and unusual. 

Here, a child's room boasts not only boho pieces like ottomans and a peacock chair but also interesting artwork and a play fort. Boho rooms love art and creative work, so fill your space with paintings, sculptures, music, and books, including your own work. Living in a creative and inspiring environment easily rubs off, so make sure to also include a few DIY creations of your own (via HomeBNC).

Mood lighting

Many boho rooms take advantage of large light-filled spaces, but just as many revel in cozy nooks and corners, so lighting is important in such spaces. While traditional lamps and overhead lighting may seem a bit straight-laced for this unique style, unusual and less formal lighting touches work beautifully. Here, twinkle lights assembled in a bird cage provide both illumination and a whimsical feel. Small vintage iron lanterns keep the room feeling romantic and low-lit.

Boho style is a perfect chance to rock moody, atmospheric lights like Moroccan lanterns and vintage wall sconces. Candles are a key element, providing a little atmospheric light and scent if desired. Options range from small votive candles in pretty glass holders to an array of multi-sized pillar candles, which look stunning when arranged together on a charger plate or tabletop. Consider lighting pieces like chandeliers and pendant lights in non-traditional materials like woven rattan and hammered metal (via Lightology.)