What We Know About HGTV's Renovation 911

HGTV is releasing a new series yet again! However, this one is a bit different from the others. Sisters and emergency restoration experts Lindsey Uselding and Kirsten Meehan will be co-hosting "Renovation 911," an eight episode series set to premier on Tuesday, March 28. The issues typically portrayed on HGTV shows are oftentimes related to mold, water damage, or minor electrical problems. The Minneapolis-based sisters will be dealing with much bigger problems as they work together to restore homes that have been severely damaged from fires, floods, and other types of major disasters.

"Lindsey and I see house emergencies of all shapes and sizes," Meehan told HGTV. "The key is that we stay positive for our clients no matter the extent of the damage and show them the fun in reimagining their new and improved home. We love giving them a fresh start." Want to learn more? We've gathered all the information regarding the type of mayhem to expect in the first season, where you can watch the series, and ways you can stay updated on all the latest information.

Fires, car crashes, and more

If you want to watch an HGTV series you'll likely never get bored of, "Renovation 911" may be the answer. In the first couple of episodes, you'll get to tag along as Uselding and Meehan restore homes damaged by blazing fires, car crashes, and extensive flooding resulting from a leaky washing machine. There's even an episode that finds the sisters tackling the repair of a roof damaged after a tree collapsed onto someone's home. 

"When a client has an emergency, Kirsten and I make sure their family is okay and promise to get them back in their home as fast as possible," Uselding told HGTV. "We guide them through the restoration process, but our job is about more than restoring a house. It's about bringing a family back home to live." You can watch the series on Discovery+, and stay updated on the latest news relating to the series by following HGTV on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.