Easy Ways To Hang A Poster Without Damage To Your Walls

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Tired of seeing more holes in your wall than a block of Swiss cheese? Fear not, art lovers — there are easy ways to hang your beloved art without damage to your walls! As a homeowner or renter, you likely want to decorate your living space with artwork that reflects your personality and interests. However, traditional methods of hanging posters, such as using nails or tacks, can leave unsightly holes in your walls that can be expensive to repair. In this article, we'll explore easy and effective methods for hanging your pictures without damage to your walls. Not only are these methods practical and affordable, but they also offer flexibility in terms of design and layout. You can easily change the placements without worrying about creating a mess and experiment with different arrangements until you find the perfect display.

So, whether you're a college student looking to decorate your dorm room or a homeowner who wants to add some personality to their living spaces, this article will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to hang your posters with confidence and ease.

Adhesive strips and poster putty

Adhesive strips, like options from Command, are a popular and effective way to hang posters without damage to walls. These strips come in a variety of sizes and strengths, making it easy to find your perfect option. They are easy to use and require no special tools or expertise. First, clean the wall surface, making sure it is free of dust and debris to ensure maximum adhesion. Then attach the strips to the back of the poster or picture frame. Follow the instructions on the packaging for the proper placement and number of strips needed for the size and weight. Press firmly onto the wall, making sure it is level and straight. To remove, simply pull the strip down slowly and steadily to release the adhesive. 

Another popular method is poster putty, such as this brand from Amazon. This reusable putty is perfect for lightweight posters and picture frames and works best on smooth surfaces. Tear off a small piece of putty and roll it into a ball. Stick the putty onto the back corners of the poster and press it onto the wall. This method is easy to remove and won't leave any residue on your walls. Simply pull the putty away from the wall and roll it into a ball. However, be aware that poster putty may not work well on textured or porous surfaces, so be sure to test it first on a small, inconspicuous area before use.

Utilizing a picture rail

If you are lucky enough to have a picture rail in your home, this is a great way to hang posters without damage to your walls. A picture rail is a molding that runs along the top of a wall and is designed to support hooks and wires. Here's how to use it to hang your artwork: Measure the length of the picture rail where you want to hang your item. Cut a length of wire that is slightly longer than the distance between the picture and the rail. Attach one end of the wire to the frame using a hanger or clip. Hook the other end of the wire onto a hook that is attached to the rail. Adjust the poster's position by sliding it along the wire until it is centered and at the desired height.

Using a picture rail to hang things is a great option for renters who are not allowed to make any permanent changes to their walls. It also allows you to easily adjust the position of your art without damaging your walls or the posters themselves.