Pottery Barn Offers Budget-Friendly Ways To Decorate For Easter 2023

After bringing your kids to an egg hunt, heading to church, or cooking all morning, you may be entertaining family and friends on Easter Sunday, April 9th. If so, perhaps you want to decorate your home with pieces that exude the pleasantness of springtime. If you're going for a themed Easter look, you can choose items that feature things like bunnies, birds, eggs, and flowers or religious symbols like crosses. On the other hand, if you want to be a bit more subtle, pastels or light-colored products could also do the trick.

Whether you want to set the table or adorn the mantel, there are plenty of pieces at Pottery Barn that will fill your space with cheerful vibes. Additionally, because this holiday is swiftly approaching, many of their items are currently on sale, but only for a limited time. If you're on a budget, you can find products that will dress up your space for under $50, and we've listed five of them below.

Peter Rabbit collection

If you want to be transported back to your childhood, you may wish to purchase some pieces from Pottery Barn's Peter Rabbit Collection. These images come from the illustrations inside "The Tale of Peter Rabbit," a children's book written by Beatrix Potter and published in 1902.

Currently, the pitcher, cookie platter, placemats, napkins, and set of bowls are all available and range in price from around $27 to $42. These items could be used to dress up a tablescape or to display delicious snacks in the kitchen. They either showcase Peter Rabbit in the garden or have him blend into the background of blooming florals. Featuring pastel and light tones, these pieces are the perfect addition to anyone's home and would easily provide a bright springtime feel. Many of them are also crafted from stoneware and have a hand-applied decal with a glazed finish, making them unique collectible items that will last for years. 

Terracotta bunny sculptures

Those who adore vintage finds and rustic pieces may want to look into Pottery Barn's Terracotta Bunny Sculptures. Each one currently retails for $48 and comes in three different poses: Standing, crouching, and lying down.

Since these sculptures are creamy white, they're ideal for those who love a minimalist look, and they demonstrate how even someone who only loves neutrals can still decorate for Easter. The textured and aged look with a speckled, worn surface makes them easily pair with farmhouse, country, rustic, and traditional-styled decorations. At the same time, they would also stand out in a modern space, which others may enjoy. Place them on an entryway table, in the middle of a dining table, or on a mantel to create a vignette with lots of interest. You could pair just one with other elements, such as pastel florals or candles, or you could buy all three and create a full Easter setup.

Basket weave bunny bowl

If you celebrated Easter as a child or now celebrate it with your kids, you may know about the tradition of the Easter basket. It's said that the Easter bunny hops to each house and fills the children's baskets with candy and other goodies. For many, both bunnies and baskets are important parts of this holiday.

To combine these elements and create the perfect place for setting out candy or other snacks for guests, purchase a Bunny Basketweave Candy Bowl for $34.50. This bowl is made out of stoneware with a matte, glazed finish. Just like the bunny sculptures, this piece has a rustic look and is mostly white with hints of beige. The 3D bunny appears as though it's looking over the edge of the woven basket, giving the piece an adorable energy. This bowl can be washed in warm, soapy water and is also oven-safe up to 425 degrees.

Hammered glass eggs

Eggs also symbolize the Easter holiday and may conjure up memories of egg hunting or dyeing eggs with friends and family. Perhaps you want to bring this nostalgic element into your space without using plastic or real eggs. Maybe you're looking for something that has a childlike feel but still looks elevated and elegant.

If so, check out Pottery Barn's Recycled Hammered Glass Eggs. The small size currently costs $13.50, while the medium is $20.50, and the large can be purchased for $34. You could arrange all three sizes to create a vignette, use just one with other Easter decorations, or utilize all three around different areas of the home, which would carry a glass element throughout your rooms. Place them around a fireplace, on a mantel, in the center of a table, near the front door, or on shelves in the living room to add a subtle decoration that isn't too in-your-face.

Moss nests and faux eggs

Birds are also often used in Easter displays, as they start to sing during the spring. One way to add a reminder of these beautiful animals inside your home is with a set of Handcrafted Moss Nests and Faux Eggs. You could also purchase the empty nests or the faux eggs separately if desired, and prices for these pieces range from $11.50 to $39. The green moss nests are made of rattan and Japanese climbing fern, while the eggs are speckled and come in tan and light green tones.

A huge benefit of these pieces is that they have lots of texture, so they could be the ideal way to break up a space that's looking too flat or uninteresting. They're the perfect addition to a vignette that features multiple materials; for instance, you could pair them with the glass eggs or terracotta bunnies above for an interesting mixture of elements.