Boho-Inspired Gallery Wall Ideas To Fit Your Naturalistic Aesthetic

Gallery walls can be added to just about any style of home. Typically, minimalists or those who enjoy a simple appearance create ones in orderly grids with all the same matching frames. On the other hand, maximalists or those who love an eclectic look may pair together pieces of various styles and sizes. If you have a bohemian-styled home, you should lean more into the latter vibe, as mixing lots of different elements will give you more freedom to add texture and an earthy feel, which are both extremely important decorative elements in boho spaces. 

The first step to creating a gallery wall is gathering all the elements you want to display, which could either be bought from regular retailers or found at thrift stores. You'll want to really think outside the box and choose items that wouldn't normally be hung on the wall, as this will give you the most unique and interesting appearance. Further, lean into asymmetrical and imperfect elements, like plants that have varying leaf lengths or tapestries with lots of flowing tassels.

Mix elements

While the majority of gallery walls are only a collection of artwork or prints, this doesn't have to be the case. If you're going for a bohemian look, it's best to also add textured pieces that provide more dimension. For instance, you could include woven baskets or hats, crocheted pieces, tapestries, embroidered elements, dream catchers, and knitted quilts. To bring in the outdoors, include things like branches or plants. If you want to display items that can't be hung on the wall, such as statues or knick-knacks, you could hang a shelf and arrange the pieces on it. 

To create the most varied appearance, mix these elements with the right pieces of artwork. Antique paintings will create the right vibe, especially if they are placed in gold frames. You could also include pictures or paintings of cacti, plants, the sky, or insects like butterflies. To bring in a vintage feel, add colorful concert posters from the '60s and '70s as well.

Tips on creating a mixed gallery wall

Before you start hanging your pieces on the wall, it's important to do two things: first, gather your supplies, such as your nails, screws, or hooks, and second, arrange your pieces on the floor. When trying to create the best arrangement, don't get too caught up in being perfect or symmetrical, and remember that things can always be changed later. Also, determine if you want to spread out various elements across your gallery wall or if you want to group the artwork in one area and the baskets in another, as both arrangements can look appealing. 

When hanging, it's best to have someone help you, as this can make the process much easier. This will also give you an idea about how pieces will look before they are hung, which will help you make adjustments as you go. To decide upon the right spacing, make sure you don't leave too much room between each piece, as this can create a disjointed appearance.