The Expensive Window Treatment That Could Add Value To Your Home

Renovating your home to increase its value can end up being a costly project. However, if you can achieve a decent ROI when it's time to sell, it's all worth it. There are a few ways to do this; you can install hardwood floors, paint your kitchen cabinets, or add crown molding. However, some may not realize that specific window updates can increase a seller's profit. For instance, those who install new double-glazed windows are likely to achieve a better selling price, given how many homebuyers list energy efficiency as a must-have feature for their home.

But what are double-glazed windows? They're a luxurious feature that consists of two panes of glass installed into one frame with a gap left between them. This gap is often filled with an insulating gas that significantly benefits a home's energy efficiency. Due to their popularity, double-glazed windows have become a consistent feature for new construction builds and window replacements. Sometimes, those dealing with colder winter weather opt for a triple-glazed version, offering even better insulation. But the benefits don't stop there.

Benefits of double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows offer a wide range of benefits for their somewhat lofty price tag. As mentioned before, this window update can increase the amount of insulation in a space, which is beneficial in warm and cold climates. This is because it is able to decrease the amount of warm airflow by about 50%, meaning warm air is kept inside the house during the winter and outside during the summer. As a result, homeowners can also benefit from lower energy bills because the windows will help maintain the desired interior temperature.

Double-glazed windows are also typically safer compared to other options because of their internal beading, which prevents people from removing the window from the outside. There are also lamination options that can strengthen the glass. Lastly, this renovation tactic is a great option for those who want to maintain a quiet home because it's able to significantly reduce ambient sounds finding their way into your house.


Although there are many benefits to installing double-glazed windows, including increased home value, there are some disadvantages to be aware of before taking on this type of project. For example, if your double-glazed windows are damaged, you must replace the whole thing. In addition, some homeowners occasionally face condensation forming between the glass panes due to incorrect sealing methods, which cannot be pulled apart to wipe away. If this happens, you could spend around $400 for a replacement. This cost is much higher than single-pane windows, which be replaced for $50 – $75, assuming you opt for a budget-friendly model.

Also, there are times when double-glazed windows are not compatible with older homes. So, before making a purchase, contact a professional who can determine which types of windows will work best in your residence. You should also know which frame to choose; vinyl is best for insulation, while fiberglass will increase its durability. Choosing the wrong one may make you regret your purchase, depending on your needs.