The Right Way To Hang A Bike On A Wall (And How To Make It Work With Your Decor)

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If you've been wondering how to store your bike safely and securely, there are some spots inside your home to consider. You could tuck it away in the garage or mudroom or try to be creative by integrating it into your décor. Hanging it from the ceiling, keeping it behind large furniture pieces, or hanging it on the wall are some ways to do this. One of the best options is to hang it on the wall because it saves space and keeps the bike secured. 

Here is a simple guide to hanging a bike on a wall the right way. First, choose a section of the wall and a bike rack or mount. You'll need a spot with enough space for the bike that is also convenient for regular mounting and dismounting. Use the most suitable type of mount for your bike, wall, and the amount of space you have. Finally, install the mount and try hanging up the bike to make sure it's sturdy enough.

Types of mounts

There are various types of bike mounts to choose from. Two main ones are wall-mounted hooks and horizontal mounts. Horizontal mounts are probably what you envision when you think of hanging your bike on the wall. They lay the bicycle flat on the wall and are typically used when there's just one bike to store. This is the more aesthetically pleasing option because it turns the bike into a form of wall art.

Wall-mounted hooks, on the other hand, hang the bike facing out. This is better when there are multiple bikes in the home or when you're keeping the bike in a more secluded location, like behind a door in the garage. There are also wall-mounted hooks, like this one from Amazon, that allows you to swing the bike from one side to the other if you need to save more space. Whichever type you choose, it should have the right look to work with your décor in addition to its functional quality.

How to make it work with your decor

Look for a mount that fits the theme of your space so it integrates seamlessly. A wooden rack is great for a rustic or farmhouse home, while iron or metal fits more in an industrial or minimalist setting. Some mounts can also serve additional purposes. The Bike Shelf is an example of a mount that provides you with a surface to keep books or other items, as seen on Knife & Saw. These dual-purpose racks will feel like they are part of the room and weren't just added on.

You can also decorate the wall that is your bike's backdrop. An exposed brick wall with a mounted bike can really tie together an industrial, vintage, or contemporary-style home. You can also paint a mural if it's a blank wall, which creates a more artistic and playful space. A gallery wall, bookshelf, or set of floating shelves can also add some character. Just make sure they don't get in the way!