Martha Stewart's Surprising Kitchen Trash Can Is The Ultimate Upcycle

Martha Stewart is renowned for her home hacks and interior advice, so it's no wonder she has found a way to make even waste look good. In a video where the infamous home guru shows off her kitchen space, she stops to mention her garbage pail, which is an upcycled pickle crock. These antique holders were widely used in the American Midwest a century ago, specifically to ferment food like pickles and other items. Not only does the crock look chic and clean alongside her upgrades, but it is functional, too.

It can be tricky to find a trash can for your kitchen, especially one that doesn't take away from the overall aesthetic. Garbage bins can be awkward or unsightly, and while necessary, no one wants one in constant eyesight while prepping or eating a meal. Under-the-sink bins are useful, but not every space is designed to accommodate them, so finding a unique alternative could be the answer you've been looking for! And who else but Martha Stewart would have such a clever tip for everyday waste?

Why use a pickle crock?

Pickle crocks were a popular addition to people's homes throughout the 20th century, as they were used to ferment vegetables and even certain meats or seafood. By fermenting them, foods could be kept and used longer, which was incredibly useful for budgets and family life. While pickle crocks aren't used to ferment edibles as often anymore, their build and appearance have helped these vessels find other purposes within a home.

In Martha's kitchen, her pickle crock serves as an aesthetically pleasing trash can. The durable casing looks lovely against the copper pots and clean lines, and the thick materials it is made from hold in strong odors. Because it was made to store and ferment food, the crock is also cooler inside, which lends a hand to keeping waste from going off even more and producing off-putting smells that other trash cans can emit. The lid keeps waste from being seen and helps prevent bacteria from escaping into the room when the garbage isn't used.

The pros and cons of a pickle crock bin

This trash can trend has pros and cons; understanding both will help you decide if it suits your kitchen. Pickle crocks come in varying sizes, and finding one with a lid is better for keeping odors at bay. Aside from the aforementioned smell containment, the upside to this design hack is that it looks wonderful paired with farmhouse chic interiors and aesthetics. These crocks are for display, so if you hide your garbage cans, it might not be a worthy investment.

The drawbacks to using a pickle crock are few but good to keep in mind. Larger models aren't as common as some might think, so you might have to opt for a smaller version which does limit the amount of waste it can hold. Martha puts a plastic bin inside her stoneware trash can, making it easier to throw out the contents and keeping the actual glazed clay vessel clean and free of detritus. This requires you to invest in not one but two trash cans; however, if it matches your aesthetic and lifestyle, it's well worth the investment. Trash has never looked so glam.