The Best Places To Hang Plants In Your Home

Plants look beautiful trailing down from fireplace mantles, decorating desks and tables, or filling up window ledges. But they appear extra elevated — aesthetically and literally — when hung from your ceiling. From tropical to cactus to succulent, any plant can look gorgeous in a hanging pot, especially trailing, creeping, and climbing varieties.

The tricky thing with hanging plants is getting the position right. With tabletop plants, if you dislike the location for decorative reasons or if it isn't thriving in its environment, you can simply move them as needed. Whether you're using hanging hardware or an adhesive ceiling hook, it's hardly easy to relocate your plants. Meaning, you'll want to get it right on the first try. There are plenty of empty spaces and corners in your home begging for a plant to brighten it up, but you'll need to make sure it looks good and can thrive and grow in those spots.

Brighten up a boring corner

One of the best parts about hanging a plant is that you can get them in positions you couldn't get on a table. Tight, empty corners can be transformed with the simple addition of a hanging plant, as can bathrooms, whether above your toilet, your sink, in a corner, or even in the shower or above the bathtub.

Keep in mind that these corners tend to be a little on the darker side, though, so you should only pick plants that can handle low amounts of light. Any low-light plant can be added to a hanging pot, but if you want that dramatic, climbing or vining effect, some great options include spider plants, pothos, ferns, philodendrons, and ivy plants. Also, consider where in your house you're putting this plant — if you're adding it to the bathroom, look for varieties that can handle high humidity levels, versus if you're adding them to a drier corner in your house.

Spotlight certain home features

Hanging plants don't have to be confined to just the empty or neglected corners of your home — they can make a statement in major, eye-catching areas of your house. For example, if you have a beautiful window, you want to highlight, but your ledge isn't deep enough for potted plants, hang them in front of it. You could go for one or two flamboyant plants for a punchy accent or a group of them for a more natural, boho feel.

If you have a west or south-facing window, you can add some spectacular-looking plants, like a string of pearls, donkey's tail, hoyas, ponytail palms, jasmine flowers, and air plants, just to name a few. There are even species of cactuses that trail and would look stunning hung in front of a window.

Consider hanging more low-maintenance plants above prominent furniture, including your couch, dining table, kitchen island, or bed, to help add a bit of botanical flair to the room's overall layout. People often put houseplants on side tables, coffee tables, and other tabletop surfaces, but they can take up much space. You can free up some room while adding a pop of greenery by hanging the plants above them instead. Finally, if you have any unique architectural features, like impressive archways or a sunroom, make them even more special with a bundle of hanging plants.