How To Create Extra Counter Space With Just A Cutting Board

As commonly seen within ultra-small studio apartments, dorm rooms, and tiny houses, micro kitchens and kitchenettes are becoming all the more popular in modern-day living arrangements. As homeowners and renters continue to sacrifice extra space and comfort for affordability, learning to make do with the limited space at your disposal is the key to making a cramped unit feel more like home. Whether you're an avid chef or only cook when absolutely necessary, maximizing space in a small kitchen can be helpful, and there's a super simple life hack that allows you to do so with no construction necessary.

This hack, if implemented correctly, can give you a little more counter space to work with, which could be beneficial when cooking, washing dishes, or needing extra room for short-term storage. And perhaps best of all, completing the hack only requires household items you likely already have on hand. Here's how to create extra counter space in a tiny kitchen using just a cutting board.

The cutting board hack explained

To give yourself a little more surface area in your kitchen, simply open a nearby drawer and grab a sturdy cutting board. Place the cutting board on top of the open drawer and adjust the drawer so the board fits snugly in place. This hack is most efficient when the cutting board you use is similar in size to your drawer, but cutting boards slightly longer than the width of your drawer should work, as well.

Though you're using a cutting board to accomplish this hack, it's not recommended to use the board for cutting once you set it atop the open drawer. So, for example, if you're prepping ingredients to cook a meal, cut or dice with your board placed on a sturdier surface, like your counter. Then, transfer the cutting board with the already-prepped ingredients onto the open drawer until you're ready to use them. If you find the board slides around too often atop the drawer, place a towel underneath the board to help keep it stable.

Other benefits from the hack

Although this hack could be beneficial for anyone needing extra counter space, it could prove especially useful for petite occupants. Tiny units, like studio apartments, typically come equipped with taller ceilings to compensate for the space's lack of width and length. This substitution can make living and working around the space more challenging for shorter residents. Since cabinet drawers are set lower than countertops in most kitchens, these makeshift surfaces might be positioned at a more practicable height than existing counters, allowing these residents to keep belongings at easier reach.

As mentioned earlier, this hack isn't restricted to only being used while cooking. When used this way, cutting boards can also serve as a drying rack for washed dishes or to display prepared platters or dishes for a party or gathering. Though, if you find the drawer hack isn't suitable for your living arrangement, alternatively, place a larger cutting board on top of your sink or even your stovetop, as long as it's not turned on!