Here's How Much It Costs To Refurbish An Inground Pool

If you paid the cost to build an inground pool, you might have thought that's all that goes into it besides opening and closing it each year and perhaps updating the filter now and then. But then a few years pass, and you start to notice it needs some extra help this year, and you may be wondering what the best way forward is. For many, that's refurbishment. The process can take a pool that's worn, not functioning well, or filled with cracks and transform it into a space you want to spend time in again. Yet, there is a cost to this process, one which is dependent on the type and amount of work that needs to be completed, where you are located, and the overall size of the pool.

The average cost for refurbishing and remodeling an inground pool ranges from nearly $5,000 to a little over $12,000, with a national average somewhere in between. If you need to upgrade plumbing and electrical systems, that will cost more than just resurfacing the pool. It's often best to request a quote from a local inground pool repair company to get a specific figure for your pool's unique needs, but there are some things to expect in this process.

The cost of resurfacing a pool

One of the most common needs for updating and modernizing an inground pool is resurfacing it or replacing the lining. Over time, its concrete, plaster, fiberglass, or other material will crack or begin to wear, which can happen even when appropriately maintained each year. Therefore, about every decade or so, resurfacing becomes necessary to preserve the safety and integrity of the structure. For a simple job, this may cost as low as $4,500, but more demanding projects can cost upwards of $10,000.

You may wish to set up a consultation to discuss resurfacing if you notice key concerns, including roughness on the interior surface, staining, flaking or peeling of the plaster itself, or visible cracks. Discoloration in the plaster and rust stains also indicate the surface is wearing down and would likely benefit from resurfacing. Also notable is a change in the pebbles at the bottom of the pool. These should last up to 20 years, but they can wear down sooner if the surface gets regularly acid-washed.

How much does poor renovation cost?

Renovations may also encompass more specific tasks, such as retiling the pool's interior, which will likely cost at least $2,000 in most situations. If you need to replace the steps leading into the pool, you can expect that to cost a couple thousand dollars for an average-size job, but opting for premium materials will prove to be much more costly. Improving the chlorination system could cost around $2,000 (or even more), while re-grouting will start at around $1,000. If you have superficial cracks that need to be filled that are not underwater, the cost is likely to be in the ballpark of $200 per foot. Underwater cracks tend to cost more because resurfacing may be necessary.

Another type of refurbishment you may benefit from is a remodel or renovation. For example, you may wish to add a slide or a water feature to the pool. Other times, you may hope to add some pool lights or fencing. Each of these depends on the type of project, the material costs, and the labor for installation. The cost of having an inground pool often means investing in significant maintenance and upkeep each year, but more considerable expenses, like refurbishment, are commonly needed over time.