The Chemical Reason You May Want To Ditch Your Shower Curtain

When it comes to your bathroom, keeping a clean, eco-friendly space is ideal. Incorporating safe products for humans and pets (be it cleaning or personal use items) is a big must for many, and the bathrooms in your home are essential to consider when decorating. Everything from cleaning supplies to shower curtains can contain chemicals, so it's wise to do a little research before investing.

PVC vinyl shower curtains are known to have harmful chemicals in them, which can be detrimental to anyone who spends time around these bathroom additions. There are numerous compounds within PVC curtains that negatively affect humans, and if you're trying to be conscious of day-to-day home wear that could be bad for you, these are likely about to top your list. There are even metals lurking in these seemingly harmless hangings, so before grabbing one for your bathroom, check out the reasons why you might want to keep shopping.

Some shower curtains contain harmful chemicals

PVC shower curtains are comprised of polyvinyl chloride, which is a plastic that can be found in many areas of the home, including toys. While these curtains are very popular thanks to their waterproof make and easy cleaning requirements, CBC notes that they can emit 108 compounds which are known to be 'volatile.' Harmful chemicals that can linger for almost a month can come off of your PVC liner or shower curtain, which is why you might want to ditch it asap in exchange for an eco-friendly version.

While people are aware of outdoor pollution, indoor agents can damage a person's nervous system and internal organs. Volatile organic compounds ingrained within vinyl and PVC plastics used in the home are responsible for sinus irritation, nausea, allergic reactions, and even liver or kidney problems. For these reasons alone, swapping out your plastic curtain for something less dangerous will automatically make your bathroom a safer, more welcoming space.

Swap your PVC for organic fabrics

Instead of PVC or vinyl curtains, look for versions that boast being made without these materials. Many curtains on the market are targeted explicitly toward consumers looking to avoid PVC. You can also opt for cotton or fabric-based selections, which look soft and provide more texture in the bathroom. Finding a waterproof liner to protect your fabrics will keep them fresh, and they don't have to include the harmful materials discussed above. Organic shower curtains are a great option, too, and provide an eco-friendly setting for this high-traffic room.

If you think about it, your bathroom is where 'au natural' rings the truest, so why not pick a curtain that exudes this theme? Organic linen or cotton are healthy choices and will leave your shower or bath feeling fresh with the breathable fabric. Adding this to organic bath towels will breathe clean vibes into your washroom and make it a calm, refreshing place to get ready, decompress, or take some time for yourself. Ditch the harsh chemicals and embrace the softer, more natural side of your décor.