How Adding Natural Wood Elements To Your Bathroom Can Promote Good Feng Shui

Making changes and aiming for a sense of order can be beneficial, which is why many people practice the principles of feng shui. According to this ancient Chinese practice, the world is seen in the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. The balance of these leads to harmony in the home and brings about good luck and fortune. While a balance of all is needed, some elements aren't compatible with others on their own.

The metal element, for example, weakens wood, while wood weakens the earth element. On the other hand, water strengthens wood and wood strengthens fire. The concept of strengthening or weakening involves an element either adding to or taking away from the other. Since water adds to wood by nourishing trees, the two are strong together. Therefore, bringing wood into the bathroom, a large source of water in the home, can maximize these elements and promote feng shui.

What it represents

The wood element represents feelings of growth, creativity, and strength. Balance is needed so you're not too inflexible on one hand or too stagnant on the other. Water has to do with emotionality and spirituality. Balance in this element avoids feelings of being overwhelmed — too much water — or lacking positive feelings like connection and calm — not enough water. Because they are compatible, wood and water represent the best of both worlds when brought together.

Balancing wood and water means inviting positive vibes, growth, and harmony, instead of feeling drowned out by the endless flow. As the water goes down the drains, the presence of wood pulls the chi energy up, so adding natural wood elements to your bathroom means calling in good energy and creativity into the home through this source of flow. in addition, colors, scents, and natural features will bring in positive energy, freshness, and relaxation to your home when added to the bathroom.

How to get it right

Use colors, shapes, and textures that resemble or are connected to wood when choosing furniture, materials, and plants or flowers in this element. Greens, blues, and browns are suitable colors to represent wood because they represent nature. Tall, vertical shapes are also representative of the wood element. This can look like painting the walls in natural shades of green or applying garden-themed wallpaper. Bright green plants (real or fake) and a tall shower will also be fitting.

Surfaces, cabinets, shelves, and other installations can also be finished with wood. You can use things like rattan baskets and cabinets or shower trays made from natural wood. Even the products you use on yourself can play a role in maintaining this balance. Try using organic, natural products and scent types on your body as another way to apply the wood element in the bathroom. Finally, don't use water that is too hot in the bathroom because it can affect your skin as well as the wood.