Sealing Your Painter's Tape Is The Viral Hack That Gives You Flawless Paint Lines Every Time

When painting a room or a wall, one of the most important tools in your painting kit, next to brushes and rollers, is painter's tape. The adhesive is a must-have for those wanting neat and clean paint lines. However, it can be a little finicky — many people are familiar with the heartbreak of peeling away painter's tape, only to reveal a jagged, ugly edge. This is where an extra coat of paint may come in handy.

The internet is full of incredibly simple, handy hacks to make lives easier, and home improvement is certainly included in that movement. One TikTok from designer @lauracavehome shows a super-simple way to make your painter's tape extra effective — especially if you're color-blocking or painting two split colors. All you need for this painting hack is the base paint color of your wall or a new, complementary color; a brush; and, of course, painter's tape.

Sealing the tape prevents leaks

There are plenty of tips and tricks out there to make painter's tape work better or more effectively, and many are pretty helpful. However, some of them can be time-consuming or pricey. Quality matters a lot when it comes to getting good, clean paint lines, but that can get expensive over time. This hack requires just a little more time, plus paint you likely already have on hand.

In her TikTok video, @lauracavehome lays down a sturdy piece of painter's tape straight across the wall to create a color-blocking effect. On the bottom half, which she intends to paint a new color, she begins by going over the bottom edge of the painter's tape with the same color of paint the wall currently is. If you've recently repainted your walls, you likely either have the can or the color's name on hand.

The biggest issue with painter's tape is that paint can leak through the gap, so by sealing it with the same color as the wall, you don't have to worry about the leaks being visible. Once this sealing coat dries, she simply paints the bottom half as usual, peeling away the painter's tape once everything is nearly dry, revealing a crisp, clean line.

Other painter's tape tips

This hack isn't just for people painting color-blocked or multicolored walls; it can also be used for ceilings and baseboards. The process is largely the same. For the ceiling, use ceiling paint that matches the color you currently have. Line up your painter's tape, and seal it with the ceiling paint. If you don't have a matching shade, consider this a great opportunity to repaint your ceiling.

The same goes for your baseboards. Simply tape off the edge of your baseboards and seal the painter's tape with a matching color, or repaint it for a more accurate match. Another way to make this painting hack more effective is to only use a brush for the base sealing color. Brushes are more likely to leak through, whereas rollers spread the paint around more evenly, better ensuring clean paint lines in the end. So, once your base sealant shade has dried, use a roller to apply each subsequent coat. Finally, remove the painter's tape while the wall is still a little wet for a flawless finished product.