You Can Get A Fiddle Leaf Fig At Costco Now - And The Price May Surprise You

Fiddle leaf figs are extremely popular and notoriously expensive. While this houseplant isn't rare by any means, it is highly sought after. Smaller plants are typically cheaper and easier to find, but with the fig tree's slow to moderate growth rate, many people gravitate toward mature specimens that are frequently more than $100 each from reliable sellers.

Though you can't find it online, certain news outlets and excited plant enthusiasts on Tik Tok are finding mature fiddle leaf fig trees sold individually in Costco Warehouses for just $52.99. Depending on where you live, your hometown Costco may have even better deals on tropical houseplants. CostcoHotFinds shows off an assortment of fiddle leaf figs at their Costco for the low price of $29.99! It appears that Costco also offered this deal previously when a few shoppers recorded finding the trees priced at $44.99, $39.99, and $34.99 at different Costco locations last year. So, if you can't get your hands on one of these beautiful figs this time around, hopefully, you'll have better luck next year.

Other deals on plants at Costco

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the only way you can get a fiddle leaf fig from Costco. If you have a hard time finding the tree in-store, or if you don't live near one of their warehouses, you can try out your green thumb with a two-pack of these iconic fiddle leaf figs from Costco's website. For approximately $78, you get two fiddle leaf fig plants in 3-gallon containers. The small trees measure about 3 feet tall on arrival, as indicated by reviews, so they are smaller than the ones that have social media in a fig-frenzy.

Currently, you can also find faux fiddle leaf figs on the website if live plants aren't for you. The life-like tree is more expensive than the real options, at about $170, but you will never have to worry about it dying and losing your investment. The fake fig is easy to assemble and shape, and its reviews tell that the design is high-quality.

What's the deal with fiddle leaf figs

Often described as "finicky," the large-leafed plant can be difficult to care for if you're not familiar with its needs. Too often, people assume that their houseplants will adapt to their home environment instead of trying to change their home to meet their plants growing requirements. Tropical plants like fiddle leaf figs typically need high humidity, warm temperatures, bright indirect light, and specific soil in order to thrive. All of this is described on their Costco label, so there isn't any confusion on how to care for your plant. With good care, fiddle leaf figs can grow to become about 10 feet tall indoors. More often than not, however, they stay closer to 6 feet.

We love this unique plant for its wide and distinctly veined fiddle-shaped leaves. Its size and exotic foliage scare off many budding home gardeners. Yet, it really doesn't require much more work than your favorite small houseplants. In fact, once established in a proper home environment, the tree is relatively stress-tolerant, and it can withstand some neglect. Keep in mind that fiddle leaf figs are toxic to most pets, including cats and dogs. Pet parents might have to sit out on this deal unless they create a space for the plant that prevents their pets from chewing on the leaves containing insoluble calcium oxalates.