The Delicious TikTok Home Décor Trend That Can Liven Up Any Room

By now, you've seen all the rave over the viral food décor on TikTok, where homeowners buy food-themed chairs, magnets, coasters, mugs, etc., that somehow work perfectly in their space. Whether your home appears more minimalist or maximalist, the delicious food-themed embellishments can make their way into any room. The idea of food décor first started when HomeGoods carried a strawberry stool in 2021 that went viral, and a year later, sold a lemon end table that caught everyone's attention. From there, every maximalist wanted to get their hands on everything fruit décor related.

Emma Chamberlain joined the food-themed home décor bandwagon when she displayed the infamous giant corn stools in her backyard beside every lounge chair around the pool. The corn stools made the TikTok users scramble to get their hands on one after Chamberlain gave the inside scoop of her house, making them the trendiest furniture piece you could have in your home.

If you've thought about incorporating food décor in your home but can't find the right way to style them, TikToker @kaarinjoy is the master at filling her space with eclectic adornments. She's a handy DIYer and crocheter that's made multiple food-related embellishments by herself and some with her dad, from a gummy bear-themed lamp to a massive fake cosmic brownie to a paper maché pink sprinkled donut. Joy shows us that the exciting and unordinary home décor can transform any room; here's how.

DIY food-themed storage benches

Full-fledged food décor will be right up your alley for those who identify as 100% maximalists in the interior design universe. We're talking full-sized pieces, like chairs and benches. Kaarin Joy made an ice cream sandwich bench with her dad from scratch. In her TikTok video, she shows their trip to Lowe's and buying the plywood they would use for the sandwich. Then, she films them assembling the plywood, painting it, and adding the fabric to the top and bottom pieces. Joy gets into the nitty-gritty details of the project, not leaving anything out, like the divots in the cookie portion of the storage box, to make it look more realistic.

The idea is to think big about food and guide your mind to what feels suitable for your home. Thinking big could look like displaying life-size macaroons in your backyard or giant fruit stools in your kitchen. Or, decorate your walls with cereal bowls for a breakfast-themed wall, as Joy did in a small part of her kitchen. If you don't like the look of giant ceramic food décor, Joy has crocheted food-inspired cushions, like chocolate chip muffins, strawberries, and birthday cakes, that can be a fun way to elevate your living room and learn a new skill. You could also head to Etsy, where many craftspeople sell their creative décors.

Or opt for subtle food décor pieces

As aforementioned, some folks don't like bold colors or décor like maximalists do, so for the minimalist enthusiasts, there are subtle food-related adornments you can still place around your home that have some insight into the hype around the viral trend. For example, buying food-related magnets and creating a theme, like breakfast, on your fridge can offer contrast if your kitchen is a classic white interior. Finding lemon coasters to hold your drinks is another low-key way of incorporating vibrant colors in your space; crochet coasters can add texture to your coffee tables. In addition, they're easy to clean and store away when you're not using them and keep the room as it initially looked.

Whether you're a fully committed maximalist or minimalist, there's no spectrum for the tasty over-the-top trend. Even if you already have a home full of color and mix-matched furniture, there's always space for something new. On the other hand, you don't have to step outside your comfort zone, simply displaying a strawberry-shaped ring holder in the bedroom can be a perfect statement piece. As long as you try adding a few different food-inspired items from the daring trend, it elevates your home with a delicious twist.