The Easy-To-Use Laundry Room Renovation That Will Keep Detergent Out Of Kids' Reach

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Setting up a laundry room to be efficient, functional, and safe can be difficult, especially when little ones are involved. While the bottom cabinet or top of the washer may have worked before, you definitely don't want your kiddos getting a hold of your detergent or fabric softener. Our suggestion? Reach for a wall-mounted soap dispenser. Yes, sort of like the ones you see in public bathrooms. A stainless steel hand soap dispenser can cost as little as $20 and comes with plenty of perks. 

According to the CDC, 374 children are treated in emergency rooms each day for poisoning in the United States, and one of the key ways that happen is through access to household cleaners. To minimize that risk, the best thing you can do is keep these cleaners out of children's reach. But many of the go-to solutions, like hiding the cleaners in a locked closet, child-proofing cabinets, or building new storage units, can be inconvenient or expensive. That's why detergent dispensers are a fantastic option for many lifestyles and budgets. 

Bonus benefits of switching to dispensers

There are options for both powdered and liquid detergent dispensers, so you can stick with whichever product you prefer. Liquid dispensers are well-suited to detergent and fabric softeners, but the powdered version can hold your scent-boosting beads. After mounting the device with screws or heavy-duty mounting tape, just transfer your favorite laundry cleaning products over. Make sure you can still easily reach the dispenser since convenience is the game's name, but at least 2 to 3 feet taller than your curious little ones. 

Another perk is that instead of lugging the 3-gallon detergent tub out of the cupboards, you can easily fill your measuring cup when you switch to wall-mounted dispensers. This straightforward switch makes laundry less stressful and less labor-intensive. If you are worried about drips and spills, hang the dispensers on walls without electric outlets. You can also use a small tray or nearby hanging rag; they will help to keep the mess to a minimum. 

Other ways to make your laundry space safe

One of the unfortunate realities of child-rearing is that you can never eliminate risks entirely. But when it comes to your home, specifically the laundry room, a few easy modifications and tips can make it a safer zone. Depending on the location of your laundry room or closet, you may be able to place one lock on the door. However, keep in mind that you will have to keep track of the key or code. In that same line of thinking, get into the habit of closing the door behind you every time you exit the laundry room. While older children will not see this as much of an obstacle, crawling infants and toddlers will effectively be kept outside of the danger zone. 

And whether or not you go with the wall-mounted soap dispenser tip or not, it is important to keep laundry detergent and other clutter off the top of your laundry machines. The boxes and bottles can easily be shaken and toppled over, and they can potentially fall on a child or cause a spill or leak, which is the last thing you want around electric, high-power appliances.