Tips To Control The Dust In Your Closets

Dust is a constant in the home; even the tidiest houses can have dust bunnies in nooks and crannies. While certain areas, like under beds and furniture, might harbor more dust than open spaces, it's actually your closet that can suffer from constant detritus gathering on the floors, walls, and shelves. A mixture of elements contributes to this, but it can be a continuous source of frustration if your closet looks dusty more often than not. You take good care of your clothes and shoes, so why should they sit covered in an assortment of hair, fibers, and other particles when not in use?

Keeping your closet dust free comes down to a few simple upgrades and hacks that will leave it sparkling between deep cleans. These include using garment bags and giving everything a home, but we'll get to that shortly. Your clothes naturally shed, but this doesn't mean you have to accept a closet that collects particles faster than you can say synthetic fabrics. While it might require some organizing and a couple of supplies, these hacks will keep dust bunnies at bay and leave your space looking neat day in and day out. It might even help keep your favorite pieces fresh between wears!

Garment bags and lint rollers and your closet's BFFs

Your sweaters, shirts, pants, and everything in between will drop fibers and particles throughout their lifespan in your closet. This is completely natural, but it can add to a big mess if left unchecked. Because the slightest breeze can unlatch these fibers from your fabrics, you're shifting dust onto the floor and surfaces any time you ruffle them. The first step to negating this is to find storage options that control shedding. Locate items that don't get out as often (everyone has a few), and grab clothing bags from your local store to place them in. 

These range from larger or heavier coats and sweaters to fancier attire that might not be everyday appropriate. Anything that features a lot of fabric (or has fur, wool, etc., included in the materials) will drop fibers often, but garment bags will keep them contained. You can also use the bags found at dryer cleaners (collect them whenever you take items to be cleaned) or trash bags. Tie up the ends to ensure all the bits stay in and other particles stay out. After you wear a particularly textured piece, or if you have pets, use a lint roller to remove excess debris before returning it to your closet. This will also help cut down on dust in your storage spaces.

Add storage that keeps items protected

If your closet features shelves where you stack clothing or accessories, you can implement boxes to store these in, which will cut down on the amount of dust that invades fabrics. These will also protect your items from the typical dust that targets every home. Clear tubs from Walmart or Target are great for keeping your pieces safe while allowing you to locate what you need quickly.

Shoe racks are great for freeing up floor space and allowing for better sweeping and mopping access. The majority of your closet's dust will likely end up on the floor, but if there are too many obstacles for a broom, vacuum, or mop, it might go unchecked and accumulate. Whenever you enter your closet, you could be tracking in residue and debris from elsewhere, so investing in racks to keep shoes and accessories off the floor will make cleaning a breeze! Just like with the rest of your home, the closet benefits from weekly or bi-weekly dusting, but these tricks will help keep dust from making a home on your fabrics.