You'll Want To Keep A Dry-Erase Marker In Your Laundry Room - Here's Why

You'd probably think dry-erase markers are only useful in the classroom, but they can serve a quite similar purpose inside your laundry room, as well. Whether you live with roommates or with members of your family, a dry-erase marker could ease communication between the residents of your house. What's more, using one could help you organize your loads of laundry and help you keep up with the complicated care instructions that come with handling delicate pieces. 

Another great tip is to turn the top of your washing machine into a makeshift dry-erase board by writing directly on the surface with a marker. Because the top of your washer acts as a clean usable writing surface, you can use it to organize your household's laundry routine in any way you want. And better yet, the dry marker is non-toxic it's child-safe and easy to remove once you're finished. Here's how you and your home can benefit from incorporating a dry-erase marker into your laundry routine.

Organize and plan your routine

You can use a dry-erase marker in the laundry room to schedule your loads for the week or to remind yourself of the care instructions for each of your washes. If you find yourself using different amounts of detergent or fabric softener depending on the size or dirtiness of your loads, why not create a cheat sheet for yourself by writing down how much of each product each load needs? You could also use a marker to remind yourself or other family members to avoid throwing delicate pieces into the dryer.

If you don't want to write on the top of your washing machine, or if you can't access it, then there are many different types of dry eraser boards that you opt for instead. Some even have text boxes for days of the week, allowing you to plan who does what on certain days. Or, if you are looking for a dry eraser board to match your home's decor, you could install it in a decorative frame or incorporate it into your storage display.

Alternative uses

Another way you can incorporate a dry-erase marker into your laundry routine is to use it as a teaching aid for young children. Learning how to operate the washer and dryer can be tricky for small kids when first starting out. Modern-day machines have several buttons and settings that can make using them complicated. Give your kids step-by-step instructions or outline the most important functions of the washer and dryer by writing directly on the machines. 

This hack doesn't have to be reserved solely for kids! Leave messages to any member of your family using this method, reminding them to check pants pockets before washing, to clean the lint trap before using the dryer, or any other helpful hint that routinely slips their minds. If you have markers available in several colors, assign each family member their own color to alleviate any confusion about who messages are from. The dry-erase markings should wipe off your washer and dryer easily with a microfiber cloth, but for a more thorough clean, you can give it a weekly wipe-down with acetone or glass cleaner.