How Much Should It Cost To Repair Drywall?

From the handle of the garage door banging open to the accidentally tossed toy, drywall is easily dinged and damaged over time. Replacing the entire sheet of drywall isn't usually necessary, as repairs to various areas are often sufficient. The drywall repair cost you pay is dependent on various factors but typically ranges from $200 and $550, as a national average. That's about $60 to $80 per square foot for most repairs.

Some tasks, like patching a small ding or a hole from a picture frame, may be something you can do yourself, which may reduce what you pay significantly. Other projects, like removing whole sections of drywall after a flood, will cost more. Hiring a contractor for this type of work is usually beneficial since skill can help restore a wall to like-new condition and potentially prevent further problems. Various other factors impact drywall repair costs as well, including your location, the underlying cause of the problem, and the extensiveness of the repairs.

The type of drywall repair matters

One of the factors impacting drywall repair cost is the underlying cause of the problem. For example, a project like fixing drywall from an exterior paper surface tear isn't typically expensive. That type of project is likely to cost $95 to $300 per repair, depending on the scale of the damage. A small crack running through the sheet may not be an expensive fix either, costing around $60 to $330, depending on how large. Larger cracks, especially those that run through the entire sheet, may require removal and replacement of the entire piece to improve stability, though.

Other tasks require careful handling, especially in situations of water damage and mold. These hazards can easily spread from one area to the next, and when contractors work on the area, mold spores can enter the air, creating a respiratory risk. Expect mold damage to cost between $160 to $350 to repair. Water damage is typically more expensive, ranging from $400 to $800, depending on how many pieces are impacted and how far the moisture has spread. Catching this problem sooner could keep costs lower.

The method of repair plays a role in the cost

Another factor impacting drywall repair cost is the method used to restore the surface to a safe, aesthetically pleasing look. The simplest of projects may require just sanding down the area, using a bit of spackle to cover a hole, and smoothing things over. Expect this to cost from $60 to $70 for a smaller area, though larger spackling projects may cost more.

Patching is another method that may be necessary in the ceiling after a leak or along the corners and edges of a hallway. Expect patching to cost between $75 and $115 overall if you have a professional do the work for you. Projects requiring taping and mudding require more skill and time, adding to the cost. The replacement of portions of sheetrock, for example, takes more handling, increasing costs to $85 to $175. Contractors may quote these larger projects by the square foot instead of per project. Expect costs to range from $.45 up to $.75 per square foot for both taping and mudding the surface.

Also, note that finish work will add more to the cost. After sanding, you may want to have a professional paint the drywall, which may require painting the entire room to ensure the paint matches. Retexturing the drywall will also add to your costs.